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Nov 7, 2016

10th Annual GO Gala in DTLA Brings Attention to Those in Need

Red Carpet is a phrase that is synonymous with the term Hollywood and all the gossip generating verbiage that follows. You simply cannot sojourn anywhere in Los Angeles without seeing some sort of event that carries with it, the ritualistic practice that marries celebrities and sponsors for the plethora of photo ops.

More common, is to see them around Hollywood, West Hollywood, Century City, Culver City, even areas of North Hollywood. Seldom are they seen, however, in the Downtown Los Angeles radius. Don’t be mistaken, they occur, very much so, though the incident magnitude doesn’t register on any social Richter scale sizeable to the impact of social media.

This could be changing, quickly and for the better.  The GO Campaign held their yearly star-studded Gala event, the 10th celebration for them, to celebrate select individuals who have graciously given of their time and practice so that others, namely children, have the opportunity for a better life. Music suited the program, done by none other than  the great  Jackson Brown. The host was Ewan McGregor, dapper and suave, and genuine as he could be, alongside other attendees, among them Liam Hemsworth, Robert Pattinson, Courtney Love, and the lovely Julia Ormand.

go_logo“I’ve been working with GO, hosting for the last 10 years whenever I’ve been in town”, McGregor stated, “I love it, and I believe in the work they do. Going in to areas of the country, finding projects, supporting the work. A little goes a long way in this type of work.” The feeling was mutual for fellow artist Julia Ormand. “I don’t think of it as me supporting GO – it’s more of an honor to come and share the stories of how many people are helped. You laugh, you cry – you are amazed by people, their resilience, it’s just good to feel that someone who’s smart and savvy can put something like this together.” And as for the Campaign itself, founder Scott Fiffer certainly has a lot to be grateful for. “We;ve helped over 104,000 kids now. Today it’s autistic kids in East Africa, then it’s for children born in prisons. So many children over the world, and it just keeps getting better.” he stated with well earned pride.

Pride indeed, that it was to bring this new sense of spontaneous flare to the East DTLA area. GO Campaign has a lot to be proud of, and more than reaching children all over the world, this event held in such a pocket corner of the city, might just mark for great things to come for the DTLA area, providing a more jazzed red carpet to the street, where, this being Los Angeles, it oughta be!