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Jan 31, 2020

17 Minutes Theater Review

Take a walk off of the beaten path in NYC and leave the bright lights of Broadway for a little union off Broadway show titled 17 Minutes.

Art Courtesy of The Barrow Group NYC

17 Minutes is performed by The Barrow Group of NYC and it will be one of the most engaging 90 minutes you spend in theater this year. The story centers around a police officer who is stationed at a school. You are then enmeshed in a retelling of how 17 minutes can change the course of your entire life, forever. Set from the police officer’s point of view, and his interactions with those both present at the scene and not, you watch his life change. 17 Minutes is written by Scott Organ and directed by Seth Barrish starring Lee Brock, Michael Glese, DeAnna Lenhart, Larry Mitchell, Shannon Patterson, and Brian Rojas. The entire ensemble gives a resoundingly well done performance and will leave you believing every word.

This story will make you take a hard look at the meaning of compassion and potential. How can a singular moment span 17 Minutes, and in turn how can those minutes derail the course of your life? Left with the aftermath of the tragic event versus the focus of the event itself, you are left wondering how we muddle through life’s cruelties. What if you took that left instead of that right? This is one play we highly recommend catching if you’re in NYC this February.