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Dec 13, 2012


The nominations are in for this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards and while there were many predictable and deserved nominations like Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor, there were certainly a fair share of snubs and shocks. This year’s awards were announced by Busy Phillipps (Cougar Town) and Taye Diggs (Private Practice) at the Pacific Design Center’s Silver Screen Theater. Here are a few that we think should/shouldn’t have made the cut!


Best Actress: Emma Watson- Perks of Being a Wallflower

One of the most emotionally charged films of the year; Ms. Watson does an amazing job of being a high school student on the fringe acting as the main love interest.

Best Actor: Tom Hanks – Cloud Atlas

Not only did this epic film require accurate portrayal of a man in different times, but of completely different men. Playing upwards of six completely independent and unrelated characters, Tom Hanks is able to suspend your disbelief as you even do a double take to make sure some of them are really him.

Best Supporting Actor: Samuel L. Jackson – The Avengers

Although this fast paced action movie left little room for legitimate acting, Jackson made room for a number of strong emotional scenes. Although he is the only character to not have any super powers, he is still the most commanding presence in a movie with an amazing cast.

Best Support Actress: Anne Hathaway – Dark Knight Rises

Sleek, sexy and chic are all words used for Anne’s amazing portrayal of Bruce’s love interest and legendary adversary. It is by far the most memorable female performance of a non-lead female of 2012.


Best Actor – Bradley Cooper – Silver Lining Playbook

Although it was a considerate portrayal of a man with bipolar disorder, there wasn’t anything that made him a truly sympathetic character. Without a character the audience can get behind, this is just a pale, formulaic love story with jarring scenes and character work.

Best Supporting Actress – Sally Field- Lincoln

An admirable job in a tough role; however, there wasn’t anything truly “stand out” or particularly memorable about her performance. It seemed that she received this nod on the weight of her name and past résumé.

Best Actor in a Comedy Series – Jim Parsons Big Bang Theory

With so many other series’ currently airing, it is mind-boggling that a show with so many one-dimensional, undeveloped archetypes would front its poster child with enough force to get a nomination.

Best Actress in a Comedy Series – Sofia Vergara – Modern Family

What can be said of her character other than she is sexy. No disrespect intended, but I’m finding her third nomination in a row (losing twice to Betty White, Hot in Cleveland) hardly award worthy.

The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will take place on Saturday, January 27th. For a full list of the nominees, visitSAG-AFTRA.

Which performances did you think missed or should have made the shortlist? Leave a comment and let us know!