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Apr 20, 2016


Wanna party? Celebrity’s sure do! That’s why 1Oak knew what was up and created a specialized Coachella 1Oak pop up this weekend.


From Kendall and Kylie Jenner, The Weekend, Miranda Kerr to Martin Garrix all the cool celebs were seen living it up. Making sure the crowd stayed hype 1Oak provided tunes compliments of DJ Pizza Boys. While all the VIP cabana’s were on point thanks to Bumble with pizza and taco’s from Wine N Dine. Umm did someone say pizza? Sign a pizza princess up! Nothing says festival chic like pizza and music. Not to mention Kendall surprising guests with a DJ set of her own. (psst does this mean we can call her “DJ Kenny J”?)


But lets get to the real epicness of 1Oak’s surprise pop up. They had bouncy houses! What?!? Yes you heard me. Bounce house action was to be had in lieu of a traditional dance floor the open outdoor setting created a kids backyard party feel to the fun vibes of this Coachella pop up. Not to mention a giant party bounce slide. This is every 8 year old kids dream…and every adult because at the end of the day who doesn’t want to frolic in a backyard of games, cabanas, booze, and music?