Aug 17, 2015


With summer coming to an end, fall is quickly approaching around the corner. For all you movie fanatics out there, it is that time of year to get ready for all the upcoming movies set to debut this season. Therefore, Press Pass LA is giving you a preview of this fall’s selection.

I don’t about you, but we are definitely excited about the movies to come this season! For starters, the highly anticipated The Martian starring Matt Damon is at the top of our list. In this film, Mark Watney—played by Damon—is left behind during a mission to Mars. Therefore, Mark utilizes his wits as he gears into survival mode. If that doesn’t sound intriguing enough, Ridley Scott is the man behind this project. We’re sold!

Moviegoers will be able to see the return of some past favorites through sequels, like Hotel Transylanvia 2 and The Maze Runner: Scorch Trails. Unfortunately, fans of The Hunger Games franchise will have to say their final goodbyes as the final installment is released this November. We don’t want to see this franchise go, but we are ready to see Katniss conquer all in the final film. Luckily, we have more films from The Maze Runner series to come and the Divergent series in the spring to look forward to!

Daniel Craig is back in Spectre.

Daniel Craig is back in Spectre.

Sadly, with all the amazing movies to come this season, there are a few we are a little concerned might already be begging for a Razzie.  At the top of our list, the upcoming Jem and The Holograms film is set to premiere in October. With the trailers release this past spring; many fans of the cartoon were not impressed. In the film, Jerrica—played by Aubrey Peebles—is discovered through a YouTube video. Thereafter, she is launched into super stardom. However, the latest trailer for the Blumhouse project tends to capture the magic from the television series. Hopefully, the end product isn’t a complete disappointment.

Out of all the movies set to premiere this fall, which are you most looking forward to seeing? Which films are you least excited about? Without delay, PPLA has a complete list of movies debuting during the upcoming film season and let us know what you think below!


No Escape | Sept. 2
A Walk In The Woods | Sept. 2
Dragon Road | Sept. 4
Jane Got a Gun | Sept. 4
The Transporter Refueled | Sept. 4
The Perfect Guy | Sept. 11
Sleeping with Other People | Sept. 11
The Visit | Sept. 11
Black Mass | Sept. 18
Captive | Sept. 18
Everest | Sept. 18
Maze Runner: Scorch Trials | Sept. 18
Before I Wake | Sept. 25
The Green Inferno | Sept. 25
Hotel Transylvania 2 | Sept. 25
The Intern | Sept. 25

Adam Jones | Oct. 2
Legend | Oct. 2
The Martian | Oct. 2
Ladrones | Oct. 9
Kidnap | Oct. 9
Pan | Oct. 9
Steve Jobs | Oct. 9
The Walk | Oct. 9 (Opens Everywhere – Limited Release on Sept. 30)
Bridge of Spies | Oct. 16
Crimson Peak  | Oct. 16
Goosebumps | Oct. 16
Jem & The Holograms | Oct. 23
The Last Witch Hunter | Oct. 23
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension | Oct. 23
Rock the Kasbah | Oct. 23
Secret in Their Eyes | Oct. 23
Autobahn | Oct. 30
Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse | Oct. 3

Peanuts | Nov. 6
Spectre | Nov. 6
The 33 | Nov. 13
By the Sea | Nov. 13
Rings | Nov. 13
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 | Nov. 20
Creed | Nov. 25
The Good Dinosaur | Nov. 25
The Night Before | Nov. 25
Victor Frankenstein | Nov. 25
X-Mas | Nov. 25
The Danish Girl | Nov. 27