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Jun 18, 2019

2019 MTV Movie Awards ReCap

Zachary Levi hosted MTV’s 2019 MTV Movie Awards, leading the show with laughs, and surprises.

Our favorite moment of this year’s MTV Movie Awards probably goes to Jada Pinkett-Smith as she accepted her trailblazer award. Her speech was one of the best, reminding us all the we are all trailblazers. You don’t have to stress out and find all the best speeches, our friends at MTV have done it for us. Including Sandra Bullock’s heartfelt speech about her “most frightened” award. The Rock is inspiring with his never give up speech. Give them a watch and let us know which is your favorite, or most inspiring.

As The Rock took home the 2019 Generation award, we loved his speech, about being true to yourself, and taking your friends with you into success. Which is why, we snagged the entire clip for you.

Of course our favorite performance went to Lizzo. We can’t get enough of her, and neither should you.

You can head over to for the full list of winners. Let us know if your predictions came true.