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Feb 26, 2013


Photo Credit Mike Danenberg

311 is my all time favorite band. From the first time I saw them live in 2008, I was hooked. My life revolved around 311’s music. I always crank up some of their tunes in my car with windows down like a never-ending summer. They recently booked two special shows at the Roxy in Hollywood this past weekend. As soon as I heard I quickly made sure I would be covering the show for Press Pass LA.

The shows sold out in literally 10 seconds, so it was destined to be a special night!

I was not able to attend the first night on Saturday, but the band delivered two unique sets with no song repeats to favor to their fans. I got to the Roxy Sunday night as the line was already building up. Some people were camping out in chairs towards the front of the line, and the weather was getting quite chilly. As the line grew, the fans could hear the band sound-checking inside the venue, hyping up everyone that wanted to get inside.

Doors opened, and the small venue filled quickly. Fans rushed to get center stage in the front, as space was very limited at The Roxy. Many looked both excited and surprised at the size of the venue. I was super excited to see 311 perform here. It means a lot to the fans when bands make special occasions like this.

DJ Unite warmed the crowd up while spinning some chill and upbeat music. Everyone was getting anxious. Chants of 311-3-3-11 were building up all over the venue. Most of the fans were there for the second night in a row. I envy those people. DJ Unite blasted some House of Pain’s “Jump Around” right before the band hit the stage.

Curtains up…let’s begin. The intro to “Freeze Time” started playing and the crowd was amped up. Nick, Pnut, Tim, Chad, and SA took the stage with full force and delivered the energy and good vibes to some of their biggest fans. They followed with their old song “Random” and then Nick yelled, “You know, we’re from a town called Omaha and this one is called “Omaha Stylee.” The crowd was loving it, pumping fists and singing lyrics.

Chad Sexton went into a long and impressive drum solo as usual. One of my favorite parts is this in their set, because they all come out and simultaneously perform percussion instruments. SA acts like a robot which cracks me up every time. It’s a very fun and unique part of a set that fans truly enjoy.

Other songs performed included “Flowing” “Who’s Got The Herb?” “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Applied Science.” They also went into some songs off of their newest album “Universal Pulse” including “Count Me In” which is one of my favorites from the album. Universal Pulse followed the release of Uplifter which was the first album put out in a while from the band. While I didn’t get to hear some songs I was really hoping for, this set was killer. I loved “Jackpot” and “Creatures for Awhile.”

Nick led the stage with positive vibes and pure energy. Pnut beat his Warwick bass with lighted frets (you gotta see this bass in person). SA always has the most energy and pours out the most sweat. I always appreciate his performance. The band ended the set, threw out some drum sticks and guitar picks to the crowd, and left a crowd wanting even more. They returned for their encore with big smiles and pure appreciation for their fans attending this special show. They closed with “Plain” from their album “Music” which just had its 20th anniversary, as well as “Feels So Good.” Pnut performed his bass solo in the track and the crowd was going nuts.

The band thanked the crowd and told them how much they looked forward to their annual 311 Cruise next week taking out of Miami. I would do anything to go on this cruise! This weekend was basically the warm-up to the sets they’ll perform in the Caribbean. Overall, I would say this was the best 311 show I’ve ever been to. I’ve been to about 6 in the last few years and this was truly special. To get to see my favorite band up close and personal was a pure treat. I thank 311 for having me and giving me a great night I’ll always remember.

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