Concerts, Music
Aug 12, 2013


As I write this, it’s the beginning of August, summer is more than half over and that means most of the summer music festivals and tours have come and gone. However, there are still a few festivals left and PPLA is particularly looking forward to the Boston Calling Music Festival on September 7th & 8th, 2013, in well…Boston, Massachusetts.

All the way on the East Coast for one weekend Boston Calling is keeping the summer music festival fun going just a bit longer by bringing some fantastic bands together. Since we’re like Switzerland and love both coasts equally (well, maybe the west coast a bit more), we’re going to provide you with a few tips from our festival veterans to prepare you for at least one last weekend of music and fun in the sun.


Always Be Prepared – Since most festivals don’t allow you to bring backpacks, blankets, your own food/drink, nor allow you to re-enter etc, you should always check the festival website (Boston Calling) for a full list of allowed and banned items. However, one thing that’s ALWAYS allowed is sunscreen. Make sure you get a tube (spray cans are usually not allowed) and reapply. Nothing worse than having to sit in the sun for a second day when you’re already avoiding the local Red Lobster to be spared from being mistaken as an escaped menu item!

Hydrate – Staying hydrated is always important, but when you’re somewhere that you don’t have easy access to fluids it’s especially important. Make sure you drink lots of water the day before the festival starts and the day of the festival. Some festivals let you bring a water bottle, or even a sealed bottle of something with you into the event. Take advantage of this if they do and refill your container at a water fountain for free! Water/fluids can get expensive at anywhere from $3 – $10 a pop and a lot of people opt to go without or with a substitute of equal or lesser value, such as energy drinks and alcohol. So save yourself some cash and the embarrassment of being “that guy” being carried to the Med Tent.

Have a backup plan – In this day and age, everyone seems to rely on their phones for everything from a means of communication in an emergency to guide for getting from point A to point B to finding the name of the actor in that one movie with the teeth who plays a weird guy (it’s almost always Steve Buschemi). So, what is the biggest downfall to this mindset? The fact that our magical little devices have a limited amount of power and sometimes we forget our charger, or the battery dies, or heaven forbid it ends up in a toilet/puddle/river. In case you get separated from your friends, get lost or anything happens, have a backup plan. Establish a spot where you can meet your friends should you get separated. Know the name and address of the hotel you’re staying at. Carry a few emergency backup dollars that can get you out of a tight spot in case your card gets lost or stolen. If you take the time to think things through the best thing that can happen is that you don’t need to use it, but in case the worst does, at least you’ll have a plan and you’ll be ahead of all the other people in the same boat as you.

Love your ears – No, I don’t mean literally, unless you’ve got something in common with my sister’s dog and you love to have your ears scratched then party on kind sir in whatever ways make you happy. If you plan on getting up close and personal with a few thousand of your new literally closest friends in the pit, you might want to invest in some ear plugs. The you of 20 years from now will thank you when you can still hear someone talking to you from two feet way. Loving your ears also involves listening to music that pleases them…So here are my must see bands for Boston Calling in no particular order.

Passion Pit – With such upbeat tunes as “Take A Walk” and “Little Secrets,” Passion Pit is my top choice to get my dance on for the festival. Which can be problematic when you’re in the photo pit trying to take pictures, but I’ll just have to dance twice as hard after the 3rd song to make up for lost time.

Vampire Weekend – They lately are the soundtrack to my life anytime I want to just sit back and relax, usually with a good book in my hammock. Especially their tune “Step” which is my favorite right now.

The Gaslight Anthem – Feel like rocking out without having to watch for a mosh pit? Then The Gaslight Anthem is your band. Toe tapping rock beats like “Handwritten” remind me of John Mellencamp before he lost the “Cougar” and a Cougar was just a mountain lion.

The Airborne Toxic Event – I really enjoy Mikel Jollett’s vocals, his voice has a raspy quality at times that makes me feel like he’s talking to you rather than singing at times. Plus, “Sometime Around Midnight” was one of my favorite songs of 2009.

Solange – Well to be honest I’m very curious about what kind of show Beyonce’s little sister puts on. Her single “Losing You” has a quality to it that reminds me of late 80’s – early 90’s love songs that I find intriguing.

You can find the full lineup for Boston Calling here. See you at the stages!