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May 10, 2016


Summer is right around the corner, but if you live in southern California it is already here. So instead of waiting to get your summer glam game on, we’re all about having all your summer beauty needs right here, right now.


First thing’s first. It doesn’t matter how great your shoe, clothes, hair, whatever game is if you haven’t paid attention to your skin. So number one on our must have list are Fresh Beauty’s Rose and Peony lines.

  1. Start your day by washing your face with Fresh Beauty’s Peony Brightening foam face cleanser. The reason we picked this as part of our skincare must have list is the product is equipped with anti-pollution protection. And while protecting your skin against pollution is incredibly important year round we definitely have a spike in outdoor activities in the summer. So don’t skip off to the beach volleyball game this weekend without washing your face both in the morning and the evening. Try pairing it with their matching toner for the full effect. It will help even out your skin tone, and aid in brightening any freckles or sunspots you might be battling.¬†Before lathering on the lotion from Fresh Beauty’s new rose collection you have to apply their serum. The serum will penetrate deeper levels of you skin allowing for the maximum effect of the products to take place. It leaves your skin with a dewy glow that shines through your make up and combines really well with the Rose collection’s deep hydration face cream. It is our dream face lotion. The Rose Deep Hydration lotion has new technology that releases timed moisture throughout your day, umm how cool is that? The lotion smells like a dream, and leaves your skin feeling so rich and infused with moisture, we’re sure this is a product we will be loving for a long time to come.¬†Fresh Rose collection
  2. Jen Atkin is a celebrity stylist who deals with everyone’s hair in the business from the Kardashian-Jenner clan to awesome actors like Jenna Dewan-Tatum and supermodel Chrissy Teigen. It’s safe to say the woman KNOWS good hair. We were squealing like little kids when we tried her new OUAI hair oil. First of all the scent, who doesn’t live for perfectly scented shiny hair? Jen has combined the best of both in her hair oil. With all the time we’re planning on spending at the beach this summer a little oil revitalization tlc with OUAI’s hair oil are definitely in the must do’s of summer beauty regimes.ouai
  3. Ease up on the amount of heat your put on your hair! Once the damage is done it is really hard to save damaged and over processed hair. Give it a heat break this summer by trying out Haute Brush. This awesome brush comes in fun colors and brushed your hair straight. Yep. Science does it again, and the creators of Haute Brush have made it possible for you to cut your straightening time down and not even have to press 400+ degree ceramic plates to your precious hair follicles. Don’t believe us? Try it out and get back to us, we can chat about your awesome straight hair afterwards. However, if you live in the south we can’t promise humidity will play along, but hey we’re in your corner. May you be blessed with many good hair days ahead.hautebrush
  4. Estee Lauder launched a new beauty line earlier this year with the debut of Estee Edit. This fun fresh line is so cute! We loved the all white packaging with a pop of blue. But lets be honest what we really want to know is quality, colors, lasting ability!? The color spectrum is pretty fun. We tried out three of their ‘The Edgiest Kohl” colors here and are obsessing over how perfect and beach wearable their ‘Guilt’ color is. The shadow sticks really last all day and if you’re a tv host like our fashion editor Carolina Bonetti, she can attest they stand the test of time under the hot camera lights as well. Wear it alone or pair it with your favorite loose mineral eyeshadow to create the perfect color. We’ve been pairing it with Estee Edit’s ‘The Barest Blush’ in ‘Ember Glow’ for the perfect sun kissed look. The blush creates a lovely suntan shade on any skin tone, and can double as a brightening eyeshadow if you just want to dust on a little shimmer for an easy breezy summer night out look. #BeautyAttitudes¬†Estee Edit
  5. The Booty Belt is life! Celeb fitness goddess Kate Hudson rocked one on her instagram account. And this little device is no joke. Easy to fit into any suitcase, overnight bag, or integrating into your daily routine the ‘Booty Belt’ makes a bootylicious difference. We like to think Beyonce would approve. Especially with bikini season right around the corner, we will be toning our booty’s here in the PPLA office with this easy to use toning belt.Booty Belt

With summer around the corner it’s important to remember to hydrate, and apply plenty of sunscreen. A little beauty and fitness insider must have’s go a long way into achieving a perfect summer routine for dewy skin, glossy locks, and a healthy lifestyle.