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Aug 7, 2019

A Faithful Man Film Review

A Faithful Man is the second full length feature directed by Louis Garrel, starring Laeticia Casta, Louis Garrel, and Lily Rose Depp. A Faithful Man proves the French have even mastered break ups.

L’homme Fidèle, as A Fatihful Man’s original title should suggest, is rather misleading. The film opens with a very matter of fact breakup, followed by the continuation of our broken lovers years later. The lovers Marianna and Abel (Laeticia Casta and Louis Garrel) reunite due to her partner’s death. As the scene is set between the two, we are introduced to a love triangle. Ève (Lily Rose Depp) enters as a young woman craving the attention of her childhood crush and obsession (Garrel).

A love triangle ensues where Marianne and Ève have a bit of a face off. Marianne schools the viewer in the slight of hand, and artful manipulation of reaching her goals (Abel). With a young beautiful woman chasing after him, instead of arguing with Ève we find Marianne’s character giftwrapping him for her. Afterall, what bigger disillusionment is there than what comes after “happily ever after”. Oftentimes if you think back on a crush the reality becomes much less exciting than the fantasy. A Faithful Man delivers the epitome of that life lesson. We watch the love triangle unfold, as we realize what we most desire, isn’t the same as what we need.

The acting in the film is superb. The actors have excellent chemistry, with performances that are effortlessly natural and superb. This is one foreign film which should be at the top of your watch list. It is playing in local select theaters here in Los Angeles. Be sure to check your local listings before A Fatihful Man leaves cinemas.