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May 23, 2019

A Jurassic Run is Heading to Universal Studios

Alright runners, and 5k lovers, the inagural Minion 5k was a massive success. Universal Studios announcecd their first ever 5k featuring their beloved Minion characters ( Running Universal), and it became so popular they had to extend a day.

After a successful two day run filled with photo ops, and bright eyed volunteers, Universal Studios Hollywood is gearing up to do another 5k run. Perhaps we can anticipate a 10k in the near future! In the meantime, the new run will take on Jurassic proportions. See what we did there? The second run is set to go November 16th and yes you got it, our favorite Jurassic Park creatures will be front and center for the runners. For more information and to keep an eye out on the upcoming 5k be sure to check back with Universals official website here for sign up announcements.

We’re also not about to let our editor, Carolina Bonetti live down her epic bad face photos from the day of the run. But she made it, so if Universal can make a runner out of Carolina, we’re betting you’ve got a 5k run in you as well. Not to mention, you can jog the race and hang back for the epic photo ops. Just think…this could be you: