Documentary, Film
Jan 8, 2021

A Mini-Series For True Crime Lovers “Between Black and Blue” Is Ready To Sweep You Away

Between Black and Blue is a 4-part mini-series which delves into the wrongful conviction, that explores a sensational 1975 murder. Buckle in to follow two accused cop’s and their decades long fight to clear their names, as well as the media response and the hunt for the killer. 

The mini-series Between Black and Blue explores the extraordinary story of two New York City detectives who are convicted of the sensational 1975 murder of a Denver businessman. The series follows their decades-long fight to clear their names and the hunt for one of the confessed gunmen who may hold all the answers. You’ll follow a man placed into witness protection by law enforcement over forty years ago. Prepare yourself as the filmmakers are determined to find this mystery man. The unbelievable story involves crooked cops, a mafia Godfather, murder, an alleged public poisoning, Elvis Presley, prison gang leaders and a cocaine addicted newspaper editor who printed it all. What was thought of as the end of the story was actually just the beginning.