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Mar 8, 2019

A Salute to International Women’s Day with Bumble Bizz X Capitol Records

With all the notable achievements and tremendous strides made recently, it is safe to say the future is definitely female. 

As we roll into the month of March, which is Women’s History Month, we are proud to showcase and highlight virtuous females who are pioneering the way for generations to come.  Our own CEO and Founder of Press Pass LA, Jennifer Buonantony, is a woman with a vision that embodies success and confidence.  Success and confidence were the reigning themes at the Inaugural Bumble Bizz x Capitol Records International Women’s Day event.

 The room was literally abuzz with professionals in various fields, alongside students relishing in the opportunity to network and gain knowledge from a select panel of women.  Lyft was also a sponsor with their very own discount code for the evening to ensure each lady got to and from safely.

Guests were treated to beauty touch ups by makeup artists, professional headshots that can be used towards their Bumble Bizz profiles, delicious food and cocktails from HomeState restaurant and Bev California Rose Wine.  Along with these treats came valuable insights from business professionals. Amber Grimes, SVP Global Creative of Capitol Music opened the evening followed by a spectacular musical performance by Capitol Records recording artist, Grace Weber. She is definitely an artist you want to know! 

Candid conversations took place with Sandy Nunez (Coordinating Producer, ESPN), Moya Nkruma (Artist Marketing Manager-Urban, Fender), and Briana Valdez (Founder, HomeState). They gave personal accounts of climbing the ladder, choosing their career path, challenges faced in male dominated work places, knowing your value, asking for your worth, and work/life balance with family. Moderator and Journalist, Katie Bain, had to cut the time because we would have kept conversing all night thanks to the valuable information our discourse brought about. 

A debt of gratitude needs to be acknowledged to Brenda Tara (QPFC Senior Retirement Plan Relationship Manager, SageView Advisory Group).  She took the time to give everyone five Healthy Financial Habits For the New Year. Don’t worry we’ve included her tips at the bottom for you. You will definitely want to pin this article. 

To tie it all together with style and generosity, Fender raffled off a custom electric guitar to a very lucky winner. Everyone mingled, exchanged business cards, and left feeling empowered and inspired.  We certainly left with more knowledge and immense pride to be women in a business created by a woman, ready to assist others as we rise to the top.  Live by the saying, “Queens Support Queens”.

5 Financial Habits For The New Year

Stay motivated.  Stay Organized.  Stay On Track.

1.  Pay Yourself First:  Start putting a portion of every paycheck away.

2.  Build Emergency Savings:  40% of people can’t cover a $400 emergency with cash.  Start small, then increase slowly.

3.  Know Where You Stand:  Take Stock of your Finances.  Review Credit Card and bank statements over the last 12 months.

4.  Set Goals And Make A Budget:  Have enough saved to cover six months worth of bills.

5.  Learn To Say No:   Once the budget is in play, stick to it.  Turn down a coffee date or trip with friends.  Your larger financial aspirations are the bigger picture.