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Sep 15, 2015


ABC brings the drama at this year’s PaleyFest line up! With fall’s Prime Time TV schedule being unveiled it is a safe bet to expect Blood & Oil to be ABC’s runaway primetime hit.

Viewers are sure to be clearing their schedules to hop on board with Chase Crawford, Don Johnson, Rebecca Rittenhouse, and Scott Michael Foster leading the charge. This series is sure to be an electric charge to viewer’s love of thrill and drama. The pilot is sizzling with potential.

While most pilots leave a lot to be desired with endless possibilities of success or failures Blood & Oil takes a gamble much like it’s lead character Billy LeFever and hits it big! The pilot’s ending is sizzling, literally and will have viewers begging for what comes next. Bravo Blood & Oil for making a daring statement and winning. Will you be tuning in? Watch the trailer above.

Next up on ABC’s dramatic line up is Quantico. This FBI based thriller takes the blame game to a whole new level. Armed with big time potential, this could be the best new detective/action packed show to grace your screens this fall. Additionally, ABC keeps delivering with their casting choices. Their network must be one of the most ethnically diverse in the industry. Giving millions of viewers at home heroes and heroine’s they can relate to regardless of gender, or ethnicity. Thank you ABC. Watch the trailer here.

Rounding out their Paley presentation on our list is Dr. Ken. The first entirely Korean family on tv since Margaret Cho and second for the network since their unrivaled success of Fresh Off The Boat. The comedy is lead by former Doctor turned actor Ken Jeong. From The Hangover to Community Jeong’s comedic timing continues to strike gold.

The series is set around the life of Ken’s character “Ken” and the trials and tribulations of his family and medical practice. Don’t expect any basic asian jokes here. Ken aims to bring a real voice of true comedy inclusive of the realities facing normal Korean-American’s here in the states. No dog jokes (sorry he confirmed it). Watch the trailer here.

We’d like to take a stand and clap for  Jeong’s continued success in Hollywood.  This hearfelt multi-camera comedy has a lot of potential. The star of the show may just be young actor Albert Tsai who steals the scenes, and the show. The charismatic mini-Clooney delivers a lot of laughs with seemingly inherent talent.  We will be watching Dr. Ken here at PPLA and wishing the cast the best success with the upcoming season. Dr. Ken is a big win for diversity.

Written by: Carolina Bonetti