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Oct 16, 2014


Press Pass LA attended the “All Aboard Fashion Platform” fashion show at the historic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles on October 14th. The event was a fundraiser for the nonprofit, Fashion Business Inc.


Union Station is an amazing venue with a great location and architecture that made for an exciting vibe as soon as you entered the event. This was one of the biggest fashion shows I have attended in Los Angeles. The show featured collections from California’s top, established and emerging designers such as Johnny Was, CWST, Becca Swimwear, Stop Staring!, Love On A Hanger from Stony, and Marisa Kenson.

Plus, the new inclusion of LA Lakers’ Carlos Boozer’s line, Loaded Dock, meant their were a lot of  professional athletes walking the runway including, to name a few. And a girl can not complain about that!

The shows that I enjoyed the most were Marisa Kenson and Bk Phillips. Both lines are absolutely gorgeous! Marisa’s clothing are feminine and chic and there is no way you could wear one of her pieces without feeling pretty. I love her use of color and would do just about anything to wear one of her dresses to my next red carpet event! Bk Phillips uses geometric designs for a contemporary look. I enjoyed the combination of pops of bright color and shapes to create a modern army print.AllAboardFashion

Overall, the event was beautiful and well put together. I was truly impressed and am certainly all aboard to attend again in the future.

See the full PHOTO GALLERY.  Photo Credit Press Pass LA, Tristan Ervin.