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Feb 12, 2020

About Town: Shiok! Asian Street Food Celebrates Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year also known as The Lunar New Year has brought us the year of the rat in 2020. Shiok! Asian Street Food located in Torrance is a popular restaurant and to celebrate Lunar new year they invited guests to a Lion Dance and speciality free Garlic Noodles.

Shiok was proud to celebrate family, which is the cornerstone of Asian society. Shiok hosted a Lion Dance with a special New Years menu items and a Disneyland ticket giveaway amongst other prizes. The Lion Dance was delightful fully executed and we learned a couple things. In a traditional Lion Dance lettuce is given to the Lion performer’s because the Chinese word for Lettuce is similar to wealth and the lion spits the lettuce back out to the owner or the audience to spread wealth to them in the new year. The Lion also receives red envelopes of money for good luck, and to aid them in chasing away the bad spirits. Lion Dances are loud and cheerful, with the crowd growing louder as the dance goes on because in Chinese culture it is believed to scare away any bad spirits from the previous year who have been hanging on.

Here are some of our favorite menu items which are available regularly at Shiok in Torrance.

The Garlic Noodles which were free to guests on Saturday February 8th are incredible. The simple dish is delicious and exploding with flavor.

The Pomegranate Tiger Prawns are a big win for seafood lovers. With menu prices at exceedingly affordable prices, you might find yourself going back for seconds.

The Curry Bowl ($8.95) combo is a favorite of ours. With so much flavor and variety it pairs really well with their Bao’s if you order one as an appetizer which you absolutely should.

Image Courtesy of: Shiok! Asian Street Food

The Hot Chicken Bao ($5) is to die for. It has a little bit of a spice kick to it, but nothing anyone who might be hesitant on spice can’t handle. If you are a massive spice lover you can always request it with more spice.

Image Courtesy of Shiok! Asian Street Food

The Nightmarket Bao ($5) is also a must try. We’ve been to south east Asia and we promise you, it’s like snagging a Bao off of Thailand’s incredible street food scene right here in Los Angeles.

Happy Year of The Rat. “Gong xi fa cai” everyone.