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Jun 14, 2024

Accidentally Wes Anderson Lands At The Santa Monica Art Museum

After taking the internet by storm, Accidentally Wes Anderson began sharing an exhibit of all the incredible shots from members around the world as well as the founding team of the beloved social media page.

Image: Courtesy of Fever

After sharing the exhibit in many cities around the globe Accidentally Wes Anderson has landed in Santa Monica, by no accident. The exhibition features over 200 photographs of hidden gems from all corners of the world, leaning into reminding us that the extraordinary is beheld within the ordinary. Hotel check-in counters, lighthouses, old buildings, to even animals crossing the road all make up a collection of a stunning juxtaposition of colors that remind us all of the beloved work of Director Wes Anderson. When we think about his films it seems unlikely that anything about Wes Anderson’s style could possibly be “accidentally” and yet…it can be found in the everyday. Think of the elaborate craftsmanship behind every frame in a Wes Anderson movie, it’s honestly a bit of magic and maybe a touch of pixie dust that anything could ever manage to be accidentally Wes Anderson.

Image: Courtesy of Fever

The force behind Accidentally Wes Anderson comes from the husband-and-wife duo Amanda and Willy Koval who have been collating thousands of these pleasingly proportioned images on their Instagram account, Accidentally Wes Anderson. Together along with a slew of devoted fans they’ve gathered hundreds of images to stage a whimsical global endeavor of pop-ups displaying some of their favorites. They’ve also published a popular coffee table book by the same name, which you can snag for yourself here.

Image: Courtesy of Fever

We had the pleasure of scoping out the exhibit currently running at the Santa Monica Art Museum and found ourselves absolutely transported and inspired by the gorgeous arrangement and curation of images. It was such a thoughtful exhbit with little corners that make you feel as if you’ve snuck away to another world where every where you look is an immersion into the whimsical magic that Earth has to offer. We loved the lighthouse room that shared the story of one man whose mapped every single lighthouse in his country and holds all their keys. Or the beautiful photos of Los Angeles that made us take a step back and realize how easy it is not to see or appreciate the whimsical beauty your very own city has to offer if you aren’t paying attention. We ventured room by room, steadfast with whimsy artsy adventure and a little passport book we had in hand. Never to be deterred by the idea of just one stamp we had fun with it, decorating with equally whimsical stamp choices as we made little drawings and stories with the stamps to celebrate the adventure that is every day art.

Accidentally Wes Anderson has been recieved with much aplomb in Los Angeles so much so that we’re happy to share that the pop-up at the Santa Monica Art Museum has been extended! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a day of whimsy. Get your tickets here.