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Dec 4, 2020

Adam Cola Muscian Q+A

Adam Cola is an indie musician based here in Los Angeles, and his latest single “Make Your Mark” has just hit the scene today.

Photo Credit: Adam Cola

Adam Cola is a singer, songwriter, dancer and activist originally from Montreal, Canada who champions individuality. By living his truth through his craft he hopes to be a beacon of light for people who struggle with self-acceptance and empower them on their journey of shamelessly embracing all parts of their identities. Cola lives in Los Angeles and enjoys living an active lifestyle. He also is an active ally to the BLM movement and enjoys giving back by volunteering regularly with organizations such as Dogs Without Borders and JQ LA.

PPLA: When did you record your latest single? And what inspired it?

AC: I recorded Make Your Mark the same day I wrote it in the studio around summer time. I was inspired to write a song about conquering the fear of standing out amongst a crowd. Growing up I felt pressure to fit in as many of us do, so I was inspired to write a song about embracing your truest self. Ultimately staying true to ourself is when we blossom and make our mark in the world.

PPLA: How did you cross paths with Neal Pogue?

AC: The A&R heading my project had a prior relationship with Neal and reached out to him. He believed Neal would add something really special to my project. I remember not knowing if he wanted to work with me for sure yet but I was praying for it! Neal is a record-making genius and a legend in his own right earning Grammy nominations year after year, and he played a part in creating some of the most iconic records of the last decade or two. Once I learned of his interest in working with me, I was so ready. I was introduced to him and his wife at one of my studio sessions and we vibed together pretty instantly. The rest is history!

PPLA: What do you hope to inspire in your listeners with your latest single? (what feeling do you wish to evoke in them)

AC: I hope my latest single inspires them to feel powerful and daring. It’s a pump up song. If ever you doubt yourself or just need some encouragement to tackle what’s ahead of you, this song is your remedy.

PPLA: What inspires you about #MakeYourMark ? 

AC: #MakeYourMark makes me want to strive to be my best self. My nephews and nieces inspire me because they’re so unapologetically themselves. #MakeYourMark inspires me to unleash my inner child, when you’re the most carefree and fearless.

PPLA: Who inspired your latest album? 

AC: This album is inspired by artists I look up who are true performers with exceptional stage presence. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Justin Timberlake – these are all performers whose style of pop music precluded a powerful, dance-heavy performance. I’m also inspired by seeing through the lens of my generation and what kind of emotions they could be experiencing that relate to my own.

PPLA: Where do you normally find inspiration to create music, and during this pandemic has your source of inspiration changed?

AC: I’m inspired by my own experiences and those of people, plain and simply. When I’m feeling introspective, I create a lot. The pandemic has caused me to be more introspective and contemplate life in a new way. It’s forced certain things to come to light that perhaps we weren’t paying attention to before. Empathy often leads to inspiration to be creative and expressive. I feel very deeply and sometimes I feel like being creative is the only way to get those feelings out.

PPLA: Who is a dream collaborator of yours?

AC: Miley Cyrus would be incredible. I also would love to work with Kim Petras. Her concert was the last one I went to before the pandemic forced concerts to stop.

PPLA: What is your writing process like? 

AC: I usually start off with a clear concept in mind for the story or feeling I want to write about. Once I have that concept and it’s really specific and clear, the lyrics pour out pretty organically. I like to discuss the concept with other artists and see how we can collaborate on the lyrics to tell the story in an interesting way.

PPLA:  With Make Your Mark debuting today, what other songs on your record are you excited for people to hear?

AC: I’m so excited for people to hear “Alone” and “Runnin.” “Alone” grabs you right away with the heavy-hitting drum beat. It’s kind of spiritual in essence and I love that about it. “Runnin” is a mid-tempo song that came about so fluidly. I really poured my heart a lot into that one. There’s another one called “Patterns” where I pretty much go off on an ex.

PPLA: Once Covid-19 is safely handled, where would you like to perform? Do you have a city or country that you hope to play in?

AC: I would love to perform in Montréal. That’s where I was born and raised so it would be cool to get back to my roots for my next performance. I’d also love to perform in South America or Australia. I stay in touch with my fans from both places and I’ve never visited either one.

You can listen to Adam’s new single HERE.

Photo Credit: Adam Cola