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May 18, 2015


The Air Optix Colors put on a beauty event featuring celebrity stylists  Ilaria Urbinati and Lacy Redway and celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes, while debuting their latest line of Air Optix color contacts.

AirOpticColorContactsAttendees had the opportunity to get beauty tips from these celebrity tastemakers as well as try on their own pair of color contacts!

The first member of the Air Optix Colors squad we spoke to was Ilaria Urbinati, a fashion stylist to top Hollywood movie and music stars like Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, and Lady Antebellum.  Urbinati says that, “Your eyes can now be like another accessory by using Air Optix color contacts; they can enhance your eye color or change the color to go with a look.” Urbinati thinks this summer/fall’s fashion style will be reminiscent of the 70s, with fringe bags and jackets using fabrics like suede and hints of tribal prints.

Another member of the color squad is Lacy Redway, known as the hair guru, who has styled for top publications including American Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen. Redway  has been wearing contacts since she was 14 but has now fallen in love with the contacts. She confessed her favorite of the nine colored contacts to choose from is hazel because they enhance her natural brown eye color.

Last but not least is Scott Barnes, a make-up expert known for trans-formative beauty who’s client list includes many big names like JLO, and Celine Deon. “Eyes are an important if not the most important feature on the face,” Barnes says, “so, along with your eye makeup, the contacts will make your eyes pop with fun colors like brilliant blue and sterling grey.”AirOpticColorContacts

After the discussion concluded we were able to mingle with the color squad and were given the opportunity to try on a pair of contacts. They were very comfortable and came in so many different colors it was hard to choose. After the contacts were on you could then go to the photo backdrop and have a mini photo shot.

It was amazing how vibrant the colors contacts were and really made you look like your self but with the added sparkle in your eye. Undoubtedly there is an Air Optix color contact for everybody in every occasion.

Written by: Carey Glenn

Photos: Carey Glenn