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May 20, 2019

Alice Invites You to a Decadent Art Decco Inspired Dining Experience

Alice is a newly opened restaurant on the iconic Sunset Strip.

Walking into Alice is akin to stepping into a lush mercado/restaurante you might find in Miami’s seaside sectors. If we could replace the Cacti located outisde with Palm Trees we’d believe we had departed the City of Angels for the city of Encanto. John Sofio of Built inc. is responsbile for the Art Decco design inside of Alice. The beautiful sea foam green crushed velvet sofas compliment the mid century pink velvet chairs. Which pair beautifully with the slightly antiquiated lighting they’ve chosen to decorate the interior with, which gave us old timey ship design vibes. Be sure to check out our INSTAGRAM for all the interior design love of Alice.

They have recently Opened up for dinner as well. We’ll have to be back to take you on another culinary journey for our Dinner Diaries series. In the meantime, enjoy our selections for breakfast.

Like all breakfasts should commence, we kicked off our dining experience with a latte and an Early Grey tea….we may have snuck a mimosa order in as well. Which we must say, the latte was delightful, with well made and delectable coffee we’d pop by for if we were in the area. The mimosa was perfect. The perfect ratio of champagne (prominently) with enough orange juice for flavor.

For our meal we ordered their frnech toast to share. The brioche bread is absolutely decadent and comes with figs, which also have a fig reduction drizzled over the meal. Finally they have paired the french toast with creme fresh, which is neither sweet nor salty, and gives a little here and there for both salty and sweet lovers. This is one dish, we urge you to indulge it. It’s also rather large, and we feel does best as a shared experience for the table. If you have a sweet tooth we won’t stand in your way, by all means order it for yourself.

Next we chose their scramble. Unlike a regular sramble Alice gently folds theirs, and adds chives as well. Alice gives you the option to add salmon and we indulged. We loved the addition of caviar as it gave just the perfect amount of salt to the eggs flavor palate. This dish is also served with freshly toasted bread.

Finally we ordered their Madame Croquette. What is this you ask? It is a French open face breakfast sandwhich if we were to describe it in layman’s terms…but honestly, it is so much more. The French live for flavor and this dish comes with brioche tast as your bottom staple, topped with excellently shaved ham, and a sunny side up egg. The main ingredients are also topped with chives and gravy. The result? Decadence. Do not leave Alice without trying their Madame Croquette.

Conviniently located on the Sunset Strip, it’s a dining spot all Angeleno’s should be flocking to.