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Apr 1, 2013


Photo Credit, Eric John

It got mighty loud atop the historic Hollywood Tower as an intimate group of Rockaholics gathered in the name of Alkaline Trio, presented by 98.7 FM. While the sun sank over the hills, casting a crimson glow on a classic rooftop view, about 50 taco-eating fans rocked out to a few old favorites from albums of yore, and PPLA was front and center for a live sneak preview of some of the best songs from the Trio’s new album, My Shame is True.

Having grown up to the soundtrack of Alkaline Trio’s love-and-death anthems, my inner teenager squealed with glee at the privilege of this exclusive invitation. I mean, I once drove three hours through a tornado to see these guys in Nashville! They never disappoint—or age, it appears. Matt Skiba is still a true performer with a vulnerable, tortured-and-happy-about-it sex appeal, while Dan Andriano has one of the most gorgeous and distinctive voices of any modern punk singer. The fact that the two trade off the lead vocals ensures that each song has a singular, exciting flavor.

The new album is built on the distinct brand of morose poppiness that Alkaline Trio fans know and love, and this time, the songs are raw and confessional, reminiscent of older albums like From Here to Infirmary. The new album was named by drummer and pun master Derek Grant. Skiba told the story of waking up to potty in the middle of the night and seeing Derek write “My Shame is True” on a collective dry-erase idea board. They looked at each other and knew it was the perfect album title. The theme of regret pervades the record, every song of which, Skiba said, is dedicated to a special ladyfriend who is pictured on the cover art.

My Shame is True goes on sale today.

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