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Jul 29, 2019

Alta Med Food and Wine Takes Over DTLA

The Alta Med Food and Wine festival in DTLA celebrates the richness of Latin culture in food, wine, and entertainment while simulatiously providing money for causes like HIV.

AltaMed’s Food and Wine festival iskicking off it’s 14th year! Alta Med is a unique event that celebrates the richness of Latin food in Los Angeles and the success of Latino-owned vineyards in California. Attendees of the festival will go on a wine tasting journey, stretching from Napa Valley to the vast wine regions of Argentina. This exploration of eclectic wines will celebrate and honor the roots of countless Latin vintners and families. Showcased at L.A. LIVE, the epicenter of entertainment and dining in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, live latin music will liven the evening, while patrons enjoy tastings from over 70 top LA restaurants and premium vintners, including tastings from viticultural areas in Argentina, presented by world-renowned celebrity chefs and vintners. 

Proceeds from the food and wine festival’s ticket sales will go to AltaMed’s 50 accredited health centers and service facilities across SoCal. Alta Med’s focus is on eliminating barriers to primary care services, senior care programs and essential community services. This food and wine festival brings the best of the USA into focus. Alta Med has combined food and wine, alongside the hardworking and impressive business ventures of the Latin community here in California, while also giving back. More organizations should take a page out of Alta Med’s play book.