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Mar 21, 2013


Curtis Finch Jr. was eliminated last week and there are now 9 contestants left. This week the American Idol contestants will be singing the songs of the Beatles. It is hard to imagine, but a common theme from the contestant’s last night was that they had never heard the song that they chose to sing. Wow, that is hard to believe, either I am really old or these kids are really young. I guess it is a combination of both. Here is a recap of tonight’s performances in the order of their appearance.

Kree Harrison: opened the show with a good version of the Joe Cocker cover “With a Little Help From My Friends.” I have to confess I always liked the Joe Cocker cover version better than the original Beatles version. As predicted by Jimmy Iovine, Kree did a tremendous job and both the audience and the judges agreed. Randy thought it was “the bomb” and Mariah called it “fan-freakin-tastic.” I actually thought her performance this week was much better than last weeks. It is a great way to start of the show and Kree made a statement that she wants to be in the “Top 3”, this week.

Burnell Taylor’s: sang “Let It Be.” While I thought his performance was better than last week’s I didn’t like it as much as the judges. Nicki said “you caressed the song like a newborn baby” and Mariah called his performance “heartfelt.” Overall, Burnell is the best remaining male contestant left and he did enough with this performance to come back next week. Unfortunately, there are at least 3 or 4 girls better than him so the best he can hope for is a 4th place finish and experience on the Summer tour.

Amber Holcomb: sang a good version of “She’s Leaving Home.” Randy thought “it started slow but she found her rhythm.” Keith said “she made a 46-year-old song sound fresh.” I like Amber and I thought she looked beautiful tonight. While I thought her performance was good, it wasn’t even close to last week’s performance. She will get another chance next week, but she better be careful or she will fall too far behind Candace and Angie and have to settle for a “Top 5”, finish.

Lazaro Arbo’s: for the second week in a row Lazaro’s performance was a train wreck and the worst performance of the evening. I don’t know what happened to the singer that we saw in Hollywood and Las Vegas. I think he was kidnapped by aliens. Randy asked “Where did the vocals go?” and said it was his worst showing of the contest.” I couldn’t agree more!!! I love Lazaro’s story and I have been rooting for him but based on his last two performances it is time for him to go home.

Candace Glover: sang “Come Together.” While it wasn’t quite as good as it was last week, it was still terrific. I liked that she picked a completely different type of song then she sang last week. This performance showed her versatility as a performer and confirmed that fact that she is a serious contender for the American Idol crown.

Paul Jolley: sang “Eleanor Rigby”, which happens to be one of the best songs ever written. Unfortunately his performance didn’t live up to the greatness of the song. During rehearsals Jimmy Iovine thought that Paul had the potential to “kill the song.” Unfortunately he did, but not in a good way. Nicki said “she didn’t like the performance and called it “bland and safe and forgettable.” That is two poor performances in a row fro Paul. Despite his good looks and personality I think Paul and Lazaro could be in big trouble tomorrow night.

Angie Miller: For the second week in a row Angie’s performance was spectacular. Her version of “Yesterday”, was simply amazing. This was the perfect song choice for Angie. It enabled her to show off her incredible range. She is definitely my favorite contestant and along with Candace is the one to beat. Angie is the total package. She is beautiful, has a good personality and a great voice. What more can I say, unless she gets kidnapped or hit by a bus look for her in the finale.

Devin Velez: sang a real good version of the “Long and Winding Road.” I don’t know if last week’s performance was a case of nerves, but this week’s performance was significantly better. Randy said “Devin was back tonight”, and Mariah said “it would be a travesty if he didn’t come back next week”, and I agree. I think Devin’s performance was clearly better then both Paul’s and Lazaro’s and he deserves to stay in the contest. My one worry for Devin is that last week he was in the “Bottom 2”, and both Paul and Lazaro finished ahead of him in the fan vote. The question is, does he have a strong enough fan base to overtake either Paul or Lazaro? I hope so.

Janelle Arthur: looking beautiful in a long white dress, Janelle sang a terrific country version of “I Will”. I loved her performance and so did the judges. Mariah called the performance “elegant.” Randy said “it was the best performance of the night.” It was very good but I wouldn’t go that far. It was a good way to end the show. While I believe Janelle is still in the second tier of singers behind Angie, Candace and Kree, with this performance she has closed the gap.

For the second week in a row the girls beat up on the guys. If the guys don’t get their act together soon there won’t be any guys left by the time we get down to 4 contestants. In my opinion tonight’s “Top 3” was Angie, Candace and Kree. The “Bottom 2”, were Lazaro and Paul. I think Lazaro will be going home tomorrow night.

American Idol Odds and Ends

• Season 11 runner up Jessica Sanchez will perform her new single, “Tonight” on Thursday’s results show. This song is a collaboration with Ne-Yo. Jessica’s debut album is titled Me, You and the Music.

• Season 10 contestant, Casey Abrams will also appear on Thursday’s results show.

• After being the first member of the “Top 10”, to be eliminated Curtis said, “I really feel like if I was going to get eliminated, there’s no embarrassment in getting cut tenth or fifth; it is what it is.”

• Aubrey Cleland was the winner of the AT&T Idol Tour Fan Save Sing off. Aubrey will now be the 11th member of theAmerican Idol Summer tour. While I liked Aubrey’s performance I will miss Charlie Askew. I was hoping that they would let both of them join the tour.