Mar 15, 2013


Last week’s prize was a spot in the coveted “Top 10.” The prize this week is a spot in the “Top 9”, and a one in nine chance to be the next American Idol. This year American Idol will announce the “Top 3”, contestants in no particular order and then announce spots 4 – 10 based on the actual voting results. The last place contestant will then sing for their survival. Let’s get to the results!

With very little drama, Ryan announces that Candace Glover, Kree Harrison and Angie Miller are the “Top 3”, Candace and Angie definitely deserved their place at the top. However, I was a little surprised that Kree made it into that group. While I enjoyed Kree’s performance I thought Amber Holcomb gave one of the best performances of the night and she would have been in my “Top 3.” It doesn’t really matter because Amber eventually placed 4th in the fan voting. These four girls are the real contenders for the American Idol crown. In a surprise twist before proceeding with the results, Ryan Seacrest announced that there would be a sing off between the last two contestants eliminated in the “Top 10”, Elimination Show. The winner of the sing off would secure the 11th and final spot on the American Idol Summer Tour. Fan votes will determine the winner of the sing off.

First to sing was Charlie Askew. Playing the piano, Charlie sang an original song titled “Sky Blue Diamond.” For his efforts the audience and the judges gave him a standing ovation. Next up was the pretty and talented Aubrey Cleland. Not to be out done, Aubrey sang a beautiful version of Fame’s “Out Here On My Own.” With two terrific performances voters will have a tough decision. I’m hoping they pick them both for the tour!!!

Moving on to the results, spots 4 through 10 were as follows:

4. Amber Holcomb

5. Lazaro Arbo’s

6. Janelle Arthur

7. Burnell taylor

8. Paul Jolley

9. Devin Velez

10. Curtis Finch

The biggest surprise of the night for me was that Lazaro Arbo’s had placed 5th in the fan voting and that Curtis Finch had finished last. I thought Lazaro’s performance was a train wreck and I had Devin and Lazaro fighting for the last spot. I had Curtis ranked in 7th place followed by Paul, Devin and Lazaro at the bottom. Curtis now has to sing for his American Idollife. He sings a good version of “I Believe I Can Fly”, but it isn’t enough. In a disappointing finish for Curtis, Randy announces that the judges couldn’t come to a unanimous agreement and Curtis is going home.

Nicki who threatened to leave the show if Curtis was voted off was left in an awkward position and looked visibly upset by the result. While I thought he went home to soon, his departure was inevitable. While talented, Curtis couldn’t compete with the top girls in this year’s show and based on the results he didn’t connect with the American Idol fan base.

American Idol Odds and Ends

• Over 26 million votes were cast this week.

• The “Top 10”, performed an entertaining version of a new song “Shine Your Way”, from the new Dream Works animated film “The Croods.” Their voices sounded great and they actually looked like they were enjoying themselves.

• Bon Jovi sang their new single “Because We Can.”

• To the delight of the American Idol audience Phil Phillips sang his new single “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

• Randy Jackson presented Phil with his quadruple platinum record (4 million singles sold) for his hit single “Home.”

• Unless they show major improvement I am looking for both Devin and Lazaro in the bottom of fan voting next week.