Jun 6, 2024

Angel Studios Is Making Moves, ‘Sound of Freedom’ Director Is Treated To Overtures Of 10 Year Deals And a Bonus House To Sign

Angel Studios is letting everyone know in town, the gloves are off. They’re looking to expand and they mean business. Currently word on the street is Alejandro Monteverde is considering a 10 year deal with the studio to help them build up and mentor other filmmakers at Angel Studios.


The package presented by Angel Studio will see the director mentor other Angel Studios filmmakers, direct between 5 to 10 features for the studio, and includes a $4 million to $5 million home. Asking yourself why this director? Well, Alejandro Monteverde delivered Angel Studios their biggest hit ever with Sound of Freedom. The film was one of 2023’s biggest theatrical success stories with more than $250 million at the global box office. Now, the faith-based outfit has signed the director to a stunning overall deal with some interesting terms, including the purchase of a multimillion-dollar home for him.  

Here is where things get interesting about the deal: this deal comes with some interesting stipulations. The potential films from Monteverde will have to be deemed “theatrical worthy” in a rating system from the Angel Guild, the studio’s paid membership service that gives members (now numbering more than 300,000, per the company’s website) the ability to vote on future projects. The members are the studio’s greenlight authority, deciding on whether projects “amplify light.” What do you think of these stipulations? They are certainly miles away from what the mainstream studios do to operate. What are your thoughts on these stipulations?