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Oct 21, 2013


Designer Anthony Franco recently unveiled his new collection Flor de Aqua at the Thompson Hotel rooftop in Beverly Hills and Press Pass LA was in attendance. The amount of energy in the room was palpable from the start and I felt incredibly connected to the Underground Los Angeles fashion scene.


The night was filled with astonishing eclectic designs, phenomenal makeup, and embellishments, for which Franco has become known. Franco was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been designing since he was a very young. In fact, he made his own patterns as a child out of any fabric he could find including curtains and even table clothes! In 2007, he won the Mercedes Benz Designer of the Year award for his Fall collection and has since been on his way to becoming a household name.


I was amazed at the set-up of the show at the Thompson Hotel.  The runway ran around the pool making for a very unique take on the standard fashion show design. Yet another nod to Franco’s stylish genius!  Moreover, besides the pool being an amazing site for the eyes, the clothing itself was simply breathtaking! The clothes were bright and vibrant, infused with jazz and life.


Each wardrobe felt like it could have stepped out of a gangster scene from Dick Tracy, combining the style and elegance of the 1930’s and ’40’s, while still  remaining fresh and innovative today. The models were adourned with uniquely spray-painted makeup, each one stunning to behold. The men’s tapered and double-breasted suits were impressive and Franco utilized silk suiting and feathers, a style rarely seen in menswear.


Franco’s clothing can only be described as out of this world and beautiful. I wanted to buy every jacket, dress, and suit! Franco is by far one of the best designers in the Los Angeles fashion scene today and it shows! I cannot wait to see him shine in lights on every billboard very soon.


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