Apr 20, 2021

Apple Announces Podcast Subscription Service

While we’re not surprised, the days of enjoying free podcasts are numbered, as Apple announces an podcast subscription program.

All Credits: Apple

To be fair, Apple played a large part in the popularization of the podcast format. The company announced today as part of their first quarter that they’re making another major play in the audio space by, rolling out a podcast subscription service. The service will launch in May, and will have prices set by creators, who will be able to offer perks to subscribers like ad-free episodes, early sneak peeks, and additional or exclusive content. Apple also announced they will be releasing a totally redesigned Apple Podcasts app, which will include channels, groups of shows curated by podcast creators. Initial launch partners on the service will include Tenderfoot TV, Radiotopia from PRX, QCODE, NPR, the Los Angeles Times, The Athletic, Sony Music Entertainment amongst others.