Jun 9, 2022

ARMY, Rejoice! BTS Set to Drop New ‘Proof’ Album, With Pop-Up Shops in L.A. and N.Y. This Friday

It’s okay, we know you need a moment (we do too), since BTS has just gifted us with the joy of new music being dropped this Friday.

Image Credit: BigHit Music

How excited are you about this ‘Proof’ release from BTS? We thought of a scale of one to ten but lets be honest it’s probably closer to full “cardiac failure” or “unaliving emotionally” as a scale base? Right? Right. So, once you’ve come back down to Earth (hello from this humble planet) we have information for you. Here is the scoop on their new music. To celebrate TEN (10!!!) years as a band, BTS is celebrating nearly a decade of chart-toppers with a new anthology album and pop-up shops to please the Army on both coasts. On Friday, the K-pop band will release Proof, a three-disc set containing 48 tracks, including three new songs.

They are also hosting a YouTube filled with clips and memories that will be going live with the boys as they look back not just on their memories but YOUR memories of their 10 years together dear ARMY. You can check out the entire post along with the submission deadlines on BigHit Official’s Instagram where they go into detail for submissions.

Meanwhile, the record is available for pre-order at a discount online at Amazon and Target, the collection comes in compact and standard editions (reg. $23 to $75) and represents the seven-member group’s past, present and future. The first 19-track disc comprises hits such as “Butter,” “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey, “DNA,” “Danger,” and more. The last disc features demo versions of top hits and the new tracks “For Youth,” “Run BTS” and “Yet To Come.”


The BTS pop-up stores open Friday in Los Angeles (700 N Fairfax Ave.) and New York City (104 Charlton St.), and although free reservations via Feverup have sold out (in literal moments) since the event’s announcement yesterday, fans can still visit on a drop-in basis. The Pop Up’s are created by HYBE North America and a collaboration with Experiential Supply co. The immersive spaces will house audiovisual installations, new album imagery and “oversized sets” for photo and video opportunities. As well as Merch.