Jul 5, 2011


Everyone remembers their high school prom and The Art of Elysium wanted to make sure the Lowman Special Education School in LA had a prom that was certainly one to remember. Volunteers that included set designers, make-up artists, actors, musicians, and other entertainment professionals volunteered their time to create a a “Once Upon a Dream” prom for all upperclassmen and their families.

The Lowman Special Education center is a special place in that it ensures its students get the best education, quality of life, and opportunities, regardless of disabilities. There truly is no other school like it. The teachers use innovative and alternative means for communication and learning and provide their students with the best possible preparation for life outside the school’s walls. The school, which opened in 1952, bears the name of Dr. Charles Leroy the first orthopedic surgeon in the West to devote his life to the service of children with disabilities. The school services nearly 300 students, ranging from three to twenty-two years of age.

The prom decor was under the direction and donation of designer David. Ross, who transformed an ordinary gymnasium into a fairy tale complete with the colors of royalty- purple drapery and gold columns, a red carpet entranceway, flower gardens, and a school crest. The kids wore handmade corsages and boutonnieres that were donated by Tatiana El-Khouri. DJ Boaz Sachs kept the kids dancing the night away and Anisa El-Khouri snapped photos of the event which the kids got to take home as a keepsake. Celebrities and industry professionals were amongst the volunteers who spent time  painting and hanging decorations, baking cookies and snacks for the evening, and giving the kids makeovers so they could look their best upon arrival.

The Art of Elysium works with the Lowman School on other events including the Lowman Special Olympics. To find out more please visit