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Jul 12, 2019

Artist Spotlight: The Voice’s JessLee Releases New Single

She has the swagger of a modern-day Shania Twain, with the vocal power of a young Christina Aguilera. You may recognize her from Season 14 of NBC’s The Voice (Team Blake), where singer, songwriter and national recording artist, JessLee showed the world what it meant to take you to church!

Her newest single, Over Him, released today, is the young artist’s newest beat. Having been in Nashville for just three months, JessLee has been producing massive waves that will only continue to rock the music industry, becoming the genre-bending artist she so passionately embraces.

Over Him is produced by 2x Grammy-Nominated producer, Brad Hill, and marks a complete rebranding for JessLee in terms of her sound. Hill, the power behind Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne, Brett Young, and countless others, has been a major player in helping JessLee expand her vocal style from her country roots.

“The way my team has been describing my new sound, I’m very proud of,” JessLee told us. “Specifically, how they’ve configured the tagline—they like to call me ‘the modern-day Shania Twain, with the vocal power of a young Christina Aguilera.’ It’s different, but accurately describes who I am. I’ve always had this pop-vocally edge and have always been able to do a little more than the average country singer—just a little simpler.

A friend of Press Pass LA, JessLee spoke with us briefly about her newest release and genre-bending sound. “I think for the people who know me and have already loved and listened to my music, they should be ready for something bigger and truthfully, a more polished way to release who I’ve already been. For those who are newer to my music, just being able to like the song and lyrics itself, is important. Overall, the song is speaking to my ladies—to women. It’s about a girl telling another girl how she’s in this unhealthy relationship, and how she deserves better, and by continuously letting him back in her life, she will never be over him or be able to move forward. So, get on with it. Ideally, it’s talking to a girl, but everyone has experienced that in their life—where they’ve been in a relationship with an unhealthy person and letting them come back into their life. I’ve been there, and I couldn’t let it go.”

Unlike many artists, JessLee loves to communicate directly with fans, doing her very best to answer their comments, direct messages, and/or at least respond with a smiley face.

“I have grown to love Instagram because it is still the best application for discovery and being able to communicate with people. It’s such a cool concept of content-focused and watching people’s successes. While some embellish their life, I love to highlight real-life. It’s great having a platform where people can gloat about themselves and share their life with others. It says more about who you are as a person if you’re playing the comparison game, but if you’re living your life and sharing that with everyone, it’s great. But it’s great for communication purposes. The way they have made it so easy to respond to people. It’s organized and easy for me to reach out to people and thank them for their continued support.”

So, if you’ve listened to her new single, go ahead and upload your screenshot to Instagram and use the #OVERHIM hashtag and tag @jessleecountry. You may get a response back! The song is now available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.