May 13, 2021


Raised in the self-described trailer parks of Texas and now living in the city of Los Angeles, Ryster is a Mexican-American artist who got his start on SoundCloud in 2019. From the very beginning, it was clear that he didn’t fit into one specific space in music. His ability to blend all types of genres such as hip-hop, rap, alternative, pop and more, paired with the honesty of his lyrics, creates something magnetic within his music.

On Spotify alone, Ryster has garnered over 12.8 million streams and his music influences include Post Malone, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott and Juice WRLD.

At only 19, this genre-bending artist has just dropped his new track and visualizer “Bad Girls Club” via Future Moguls Entertainment. The Relik-produced track, written by Ryster and Relik, has an infectious, melodic beat where Ryster’s transparent, vulnerable lyrics come to the forefront. We sat down with Ryster to learn more about his inspiration and where his career is headed.

PPLA: What’s your background and how did you get into music?

Ryster: I grew up in a small town near the Mexican border by the name of Presidio, TX. I was raised by my mother Rocio and my father Oscar there for about 16 years of my life so that is pretty much the place I call home. It was a very unique place to grow up in. Everybody was friends with each other, something like an extremely large family. if that makes any sense at all haha I got into music really just messing around with my friend Emmanuel recording on Garageband on my iPhone during the summer going into my sophomore year.
PPLA: When did you know you wanted to make it your career?

Ryster: I knew I wanted to make it my career when I hit the point where I had nothing else on my mind except recording music. Instead of going out with friends, I would just stay in and record, it’s like nothing else made me feel the way I did when I would be making music. I started getting good and people on the internet were just showing a positive reaction. It was the first time in a long time I think I truly felt like I was being myself.

PPLA: Who are your influences? Musical legends that inspire you or mentors/family mentors?

Ryster: Really my main influences are the people around me. I got my parents, Myles, Gio, and all my friends from back home. That’s all I really need haha. Other than that though I would say people like Hayley Williams, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Trevor Daniel, and Michael Jackson really did impact my sound somehow or another.

PPLA: Tell us about your release- what was your inspiration behind the song?

Ryster: The inspiration behind my latest release “Bad Girls Club” came along when my friends and I were having a conversation about the type of women we were into, and one of my friends brought up the topic of girls that are amazingly beautiful but yet have a bad character. Like they’ll never be satisfied with what one gives because they know that if they can’t get something that they want from somebody, then they’ll just move on and go to somebody that will.

 PPLA: Where do you get your inspiration- any places or people in the city, places to eat, parks or writing spots?

Ryster: I don’t really have a specific place that I get inspiration to write from, I kinda just get inspiration from everything around me.. But my all-time favorite place to eat will forever be Raising Canes. 🙂

 PPLA: What’s next for you?

Ryster: I don’t really know what’s next for me, I kinda just let everything happen. It’s way more enjoyable like that. I would like to definitely drop an album soon, I feel like that whole process would be very cool because I have never tried to make an album. 🙂

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