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Apr 2, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Trevor Hall, “Strength In One” Release

Musician Trevor Hall has dropped his latest collaboration with Dirtwire titled: “Strength in One”.

Trevor Hall is currently on tour, which is now in its halfway mark. The tour is a celebration of Trevor’s latest album, The Fruitful Darkness, (which hit #4 on the iTunes Alternative Chart) and named after the smash single, Moon / SunWe sat down with Trevor and Dirtwire to ask what brought them together on this new track.

PPLA: What made you decide to create this song together?

TH: This song was created by me and my good friends Dirtwire. The idea came to us to do a song together because we were about to go out on a major tour together and thought it would be fun to do a collaboration. I came up with a little idea and sent it to them via email. They then sent me an idea and this back and forth went on for a while until we really locked in on what we liked. It was kind of cool how we created this song before we even met each other. The song is really about strength and power in unity. During these crazy divisive times, it’s important for us to remember that we are all in this together and that no progress will be made unless we move forward as one people. We hope this song inspires unity amongst listeners.

DW: Psyched up for our upcoming tour opening for Trevor Hall, we reached out to see if he was down for a collaboration. He was, and kicked it off right away with a vocal melody he had recently written over a tambura and acoustic guitar line. We started building a beat and recorded some instrumentation alongside it, until just days later when he sent over the complete song with verse, chorus, and lyrics. We were blown away, and started working round the clock to create the supporting production, complete with a swamp-womp drop section and uptempo revival double time beat infusions. Harmonica, banjo, drums and whamola bass united under Trevor’s soaring vocal to create our collaborative version of an electric-organic anthem, debuted live at the 9:30 club in Washington DC five days into the tour.

Check out the new track below: