Oct 7, 2019

Ashley Homestore and Pandora Presents An Evening With Ne-Yo

A night under the stars in nearly perfect weather at Goya Studios was the setting for Ashley Homestore to showcase its relaunch of Urbanology Furniture.  Guests were treated to a preview of these trendsetting pieces, that will all be generously donated to A Sense Of Home, an organization that assists  in housing aged out youth.    

Instragmamable moments were all around for guests to pose for, while donuts with exotic icing flavors and fully staffed bars were available to please the palate before the show. 

Grammy winning artist Ne-Yo took to the stage and gave the lucky attendees an unforgettable show.  Ne-Yo delighted the crowd with a full band and giant projection screen with his music videos from the past to accompany each tune. 

Courtesy of Pandora

If you didn’t already know he was a genius songwriter, Ne-Yo also performed one of his highest charted hits, Irreplaceable, penned for the one and only Beyonce.  The crowd knew and sang the lyrics to every hit from this triple threat who gave 100% during his one-hour set. 

The term lucky would be an understatement for the caliber of showmanship that was witnessed and thanks to technology, hundreds of cell phones were able to capture it all!

Reported by Demetria Johnson