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Nov 22, 2013


Lets say you were signed to Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records, had a network tv show under your belt and were ranked the #1 DJs for the last three years in your home Australia…what would you do next? Well you would pack your turntables, mixers and delicious Vegemite to fly halfway around the world for U.S domination of course!

Chris and Matt Stafford know a thing or two about dominating the Australian party scene since they formed the DJ duo Stafford Brothers nearly 10 years ago. Now the party brothers have their sites on the land of opportunity and have recently built a following with their hit single “Hello” featuring Weezy himself. Press Pass LA chatted with the lively aussie brothers about their love for good Jägermeister, tweeting Lil Wayne and their #1 fan with slight stalker tendencies.

PPLA: How’s it going guys, thanks for taking time out to speak with us. So first off how do two brothers end up DJ-ing together? Was one of you interested in it first or did you discover the passion together?

SB: Pretty much together. This is Chris Stafford speaking (laughs) and I was sort of making music around that time we started. I was just messing around and then we came together and got our first DJ gig.

PPLA: Who inspired you growing up musically, and did you always know you wanted to be in the business?

SB: Definitely ACDC and a lot of rock music inspired us. Dance music wasn’t really around, well it was around but wasn’t on the radio and as big as it is now. We grew up playing guitar, playing piano, and our family members all play instruments so we were always playing music.

PPLA: And the music talent seems to have paid off because you guys have been ranked the #1 DJs in all of Australia for the past 3 years. What does it feel like to have the support back home?

SB: It absolutely feels good. Its our home country and were going back next week to play the Stereosonic festival and continue to tour Australia. Were also up for the Song of the Year -Aria Award for our single “Hello” featuring Lil Wayne. The Arias are like America’s Grammy Awards so its pretty huge!

PPLA: Well I wish you good luck on the award. And speaking of Lil Wayne, how did you guys connect with him and the Cash Money record label?

SB: It was all through our American management. We work with alot of guys who work with huge artists like Wayne and Drake so thats definitely how the connection happened. (Matt interrupts) Actually just tweeted at him and he replied! (laughs). He just said “Yeah I will do it that sounds great”. Im joking of course.

PPLA: Well twitter or not, it’s an amazing connection to have. And you guys have been staying busy with your newly launched clothing company Sushi Radio. First off how did you guys come up with that name?

SB: Mate, honestly we like sushi and we’re on the radio, and thats about all I can say about the name (laughs). But the name definitely has people wondering and interested to know about the name and the clothes. People actually stop and read our shirts like “huh?”.

PPLA: What do you guys think of the growth in DJ popularity and the craft now becoming just as big as singers and rappers. Why do you think dance music that has taken over the world?

SB: Well it’s all about radio play. Like for us, the whole EDM thing that everyone in America calls it has been around forever in Australia and Europe.

PPLA: Yeah, America was definitely late to the EDM party.

SB: Exactly! So for us its nothing new because we’ve been doing this and playing dance music for the last 10 years. And now its exploding and the market for it has never been bigger so its great to see.

PPLA: You guys had a summer residency shows at The Light in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, is Vegas really the best crowd and best place to play in the world like everyone says?

SB: For us, this year has been amazing and every new place we’ve traveled to has been different and awsome. But we definitely love playing there, because the production they put into the shows is just amazing. And the people who go to Vegas are there to have a good time and party!

PPLA: So what can fans expect from your shows if they were to attend one?

SB: Kangaroos, crazy times, alot of alcohol and beautiful girls.

PPLA: Sounds like the perfect show. What has been the craziest fan encounter you’ve had so far?

SB: Well there was a chick from Australia, and wherever we were in Europe, she would be there. But she would act surprised that we were playing at the show like, “Oh wow you guys are playing tonight, I had no idea”. And I mean she was at every place like, Mykonos, Ibiza, England. It was really random but we always made sure to say hi to her.

PPLA: I bet she was dying to get backstage. So whats coming up next for you fellas?

SB: Well we have a performance at Greystone Manor in Los Angeles this Saturday November 23rd. And then we’re going on a massive Australian tour all of December and January. Our new big radio single will be dropping soon, and we have another crazy club record. It just keeps going you know, our music keeps evolving and growing.

PPLA: Well we wish you guys nothing but success in the future and keep the party going!

SB: Thanks Mate.

Everyone make sure you check out the lively DJ duo on tour. You can see all their tour stops and more information at And if you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to come to their show on at Greysone Manor Supperclub on Saturday November 22nd, 2013. Ill be there dancing like there’s no tomorrow!