Feb 8, 2023

‘Avatar’ Experience Coming To Disneyland

On the big shareholders meeting for Disney, Bob Iger shared so many incredible morsels of whats to come, one standout revelation was Avatar coming to Disney Parks!

Image Still: Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed in the share holder meeting that a new attraction based on the Avatar franchise will hit Disneyland soon. He called it the Avatar Experience and said details will be “coming soon” –not providing any. He left us on the edge of our seats after dropping such a massive teaser! We’re hardly over the brand new Galaxy’s Edge reveal and now we’re jumping up and down for Avatar experiences as the franchise makes its way to Disney parks, beginning with Disneyland here in California.

Bib Iger noted the obvious, that Avatar is now a core franchise for the company, “which has a way of leveraging success” across business lines and across territories.

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water has grossed over $2 billion internationally. It was the top grossing release of 2022 and one of the top grossing movies ever. Avatar 34 and 5 are on the way, currently scheduled for release, respecitvely, on Dec. 20, 2024, Dec. 18, 2026 and Dec. 22, 2028. You can read up on our impression of Avatar here.

Disney parks continue to drive Disney’s top and bottom line growth. Revenue at the division of close to $8.8 billion for the fiscal first quarter was up 21%, about a third of the total. Of Disney’s two divisions, the other being DMED (Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution) it made up all of the company’s operating income, seeing profit jump 25% to over $3 billion. Domestic parks led international.

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