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Jan 30, 2013


Awards season is the busiest time in Hollwyood for stylists and publicists. Celebrities are under a lot of pressure to look good on the red carpet and at their events and stress levels can run high!  Luckily, press and celebrity contacts alike were invited to enjoy a spay day by dOMAIN at their showroom on Beverly Boulevard featuring an array of high-end brands and products including the new line of CROCS shoes.

I attended this event along with PPLA Host Demetria Johnson. Upon entering the showroom we were greeted with smiles and a complimentary candy bar and juice selection of all natural organic blends. We took a quick tour of the showroom and the walls were lined with some of the hottest brands including Frankie B’s denim jeans, hats and baseball caps byNew Era, amazing handbags (we loved the leather hobo bags) by the Nicole Richie Collection for QVC, scented candles by Baroness von Neumann, and a full makeup room filled with signature blow dryers and straighteners by José Eber Hair.

Then it was time to sit down for our complimentary manis and pedis and to mingle with guests that included publicists, celebrities, media, brand reps, and stylists! It was a room filled of Hollywood’s elite women on a day that was all about shopping, beauty, and relaxation.

The best part of the day was that CROCS was there to showcase their new Spring shoe collection and gifted attendees with a pair of their fabulous footwear. We spoke with Senior Designer Sandra Aris about the new line.

Q: What sets the new line of CROCS apart from the traditional clogs we have come to love?

A: Everything! The thing that we are keeping is a fun approach and we are of course keeping the bright colors that we have always had in the line. We are really coming in with silhouettes that are known but with our own take on them.  Llike the clog, it was a clog but our own take on the tradional clog. Now we have the huaraches which are phenomenal. It’s a known silhouette again- huaraches have been around for a really long time- but this definitely is our version of it. Then the boat shoe is 100% our own version of a classic boat shoe. It’s just phenomenal- great color, great combinations, the construction is completely new. Then we also have the Retro which is closer to our DNA. It’s a clog for this season but it’s just really, really strong. It’s a  fun, on trend model.

Q: CROCS have been widely popular but there is some feeling that they lack femininity? How have you worked to improve this image with the new line?

A: We have always had a big collection that is unisex and now we definitely have a women’s collection that is really strong. We have a ton of ballet shoes, sandals, heels, wedges, clogs that are female specific. We also have new materials. We’ve introduced suede and different nylons, and we have also built a design team to cater specifically to women. We have that team not only in the U.S. but also working with Italian designers that are specifically designing for women. We are diversifying everything from the resources to the models to the design standpoint,  everything.

Q: What is the most popular CROCS shoe right now for men and for women?

A: The one I want to be the best seller is the huarache. I think it is phenomenal because it is that new version of the clog. You can go to the beach, you can garden, you can to anything you were doing in your old clogs but it’s more sexy. It’s more feminine and it brings that aspect of sex appeal to it. For men, I think the boast shoe is killer. It’s fun and it’s who we are, it’s our heritage. It’s just a really great piece and you can do everything you were doing in a clog but now its a shoe.

For more information on the new line visit CROCS or shop CROCS here.