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Jan 10, 2013


Our favorite guilty pleasure ABC’s The Bachelor kicked off its 17th season this week. This season Bachelor Sean Lowe, who fans remember from Emily’s season, is taking his turn at finding a shot at love.

The show opened with a gut wrenching montage of the Dallas businessman falling in love with then Bachelorette Emily, complete with the rejection footage. Next Sean got a pep talk from his former nemesis, Arie, complete with an awkward kissing demonstration. Then it was finally time to meet Sean’s lucky ladies!

This group of women was perhaps the most interesting yet! For starters there was Ashley P., an Anastasia Steele wannabe, who confessed in her introduction that she has often thought about Sean spanking her ‘Christian Grey style’. The 28-year old even pulled a tie out of her cleavage when she meets him. Then there was Lindsey, who after showing up to meet the Bachelor in a wedding dress, progressively got drunk and practically forced herself on Sean.

Among the madness were a few standouts for the Bachelor including 24-year-old Tierra, who made such a great first impression, Sean immediately gave her a rose. He also really seemed to like Desiree, a 26-year-old bridal stylist, who brought pennies with her to make wishes in the house fountain. Fan favorite Kasey B., from Ben’s season, also showed up to throw her adorable hat in the ring. Sean seemed pleased that Kasey B. was in the mix and kept her around. However, is it bad to hope that he sends her home and she becomes the next Bachelorette?

Can’t wait to see what lies in store for Bachelor Sean Lowe this season! What did you think of Sean’s group of ladies and more importantly are you excited to watch Season 17?

The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC!