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Nov 9, 2015


We sat down to chat with newly single Samantha Steffen to set the record straight about her time on “Bachelor in Paradise” and find out about her biggest passion, giving back, through her new clothing line IDGAF Clothing and her family’s business 5 Hour Energy.

SamanthaSteffen_BachelorInParadiseMany know Samantha Steffen from her time on The Bachelor and most recently Bachelor in Paradise where her romance with Nick Peterson was the focus of controversy and she became the latest reality TV villain America loved to hate.  Lucky for us, we’ve got nothing but love for this amazing entrepreneur who is challenging the fashion community to combat negativity. Check out the full interview below!

PPLA: You were on The Bachelor and just wrapped Bachelor in Paradise. What has being a part of this franchise meant to you? How has it affected your career and life?

SS: It’s been an adventure, like being on a roller coaster with immense ups & downs. For me, watching BIP back wasn’t the easiest. The footage that aired was just a fraction of what actually happened in Mexico. Entertainment has to be the priority because otherwise there would be no audience. Because of that, the cast forms into certain characters, situations are made much more dramatic than real life. Looking back overall however, I was happy with the career and life outcomes. I’m met wonderful people & good opportunities have come my way.

PPLA: You have B.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University and studied Broadcast Journalism in New York. Having a knowledge of journalism, how did you deal with being portrayed by the media as a bit of the villain on your season of The Bachelor?

SS: My background is Kinesiology (college major and work), and philanthropy (family life). Growing up in a family who has dedicated their lives to helping others and giving back, I would never intentionally hurt anyone. It was quite surprising to be cast as the opposite – a person who doesn’t care about other people.

PPLA: Would you ever do another season of The Bachelor? Why or why not?

SS: Never say never! As long as it contributed positively to my life, I would consider doing anything.

SamanthaSteffen_BachelorInParadisePPLA:  Tell us about your fashion line and what’s coming up next? Any runway shows or new lines we can look forward to?

SS: It’s called IDGAFclothing (“I Don’t Give A F**k”). The message behind the clothing line is F*** negativity…in all forms; for instance, bullying, hate, racism. It is off and running with the logo being very well-received. Now, we are talking with charities to see who is doing great work and who can we help support.

PPLA: Did working at ET and The Insider give you any insight that you can use now in the fashion world in what styles celebs are wanting to wear?

SS: I was lucky to start at those jobs my first week in Los Angeles and meet people leading American fashion. I’ve always loved fashion, and feel like I can pick out the one thing in any store that is amazing. My dad is an artist, and I’m pretty sure I got his creative genes! However, my clothing line is unique from typical celeb fashion in that it is hip, casual, comfortable and sends an important message about standing up and being yourself, about disallowing negativity in your life.

PPLA: I know you are involved in charity and your family business 5 Hour Energy donates an incredible 90% of profits to charity. What causes are most important for you to support? Will you have a philanthropy element in your fashion line as well?

SS: As far as my family, if you want to see that there are people doing good for this world, this new film, Billions In Change, is worth watching. It touches on what over 90% 5 Hour Energy’s profits are being used for. To sum it up, almost all of the profits from 5 Hour are being spent towards meeting humanity’s greatest needs. As far as my biggest causes/passions, they are positivity as well as protecting animals and children, because they aren’t equipped to do it themselves. Professionally, my clothing line, IDGAF, pledges 15% profits to charity. The main things I look for are: is the charity doing good work and are they effective? No matter what I do, I will continue in the footsteps of trying my best to be good, do good and give back.


SamanthaSteffen_IDGAFClothingPPLA:  First thing that comes to mind…
FAV guilty pleasure TV showMarried at First Sight & anything HGTV. I love learning and creativity. People facing weird situations can make TV entertaining. I love learning and creativity.
FAV restaurant in LA– So many, but i’ve been loving Ysabel
Travel Must-have– Family & friends
Song you can’t stop listening to– ‘The Hills’ by The Weeknd
Dating pet peeve– Someone too into themselves