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Jan 8, 2014


ABC’s The Bachelor is back and there is only one-way to describe this season– Muy Caliente! Former Bachelorette hunk and single dad Juan Pablo Galavis is getting his second chance at finding true love in the 18th installment of the show.

The sexy Venezuelan is so hot there are 27 beauties vying for his heart as opposed to the traditional 25. To start things off Juan Pablo gets a pep talk from former Bachelor Sean Lowe who gives him tips like not to kiss any woman in front of the others and to confess right off the bat he is bad at names. Then our Bachelor was ready to meet his ladies.

The stand outs right out of the gate were Renee, a single mom and real estate agent who spends her days paddle boarding and can throw a mean football; Nikki, a pediatric nurse who hit it off with Juan Pablo right away with her bubbly personality and Andi, an assistant district attorney whose intelligence seemed to intrigue JP immediately.

It wouldn’t be The Bachelor without some crazy and there was plenty of it in the premiere. Claire, a hairstylist, got out of the limo wearing a fake pregnancy belly to signify she wants kids. Crazy, yes, crazier, JP seemed into it! It appears to be an interesting season for professions as we had Cassandra, a former NBA dancer (last time I checked a former something wasn’t a profession), then we had Kelly, a dog lover (again, another way to say unemployed) and we also had free spirit Lucy, the flower child who arrived to meet JP wearing no shoes.


Surprisingly JP gave the first impression rose to Sharleen, a sophisticated opera singer who captivated him with her class and worldly stories. However, Sharleen wasn’t giddy about the attention and admitted, not to JP of course, that she didn’t feel a weak in the knees connection with our Bachelor and was very surprised she was the one who stood out from the pack.

The first breakdown of the season goes to Lauren H., who was fresh off a breakup with someone she was engaged to. I think it is safe to say if you have to say you are over it, you’re not. Lauren H. let her insecurities get the best of her and even talked about her previous relationship during her precious one on one time with JP.

Among the causalities in the first rose ceremony were Kylie, the red head that mistakenly thought JP called her name when he was really calling Kat, Lauren H. and the massage therapist with crazy eyes who said she wanted to pour oils all over JP’s body, Amy J.

We look forward to following Juan Pablo on his shirtless journey to find true love this season, one beso at a time.