Jan 25, 2012


Bachelor week four takes us to Park City, Utah. 13 girls remain with two one-on-ones and one group date set for this week. The locale is beautiful but the scene isn’t pretty. Things are becoming more serious and it’s questionable whether the great outdoors or the Canyon Suites is more ‘call of the wild’.

The first date card arrives and it’s for Rachel with the message- “Let Nature Take Its Course”. If someone asked me out with this message, I think I would literally run for the hills. I get it, the theme is outdoors. Ben spent a lot of time outside with his father and grandfather and wants the ladies to realize being on the land is a big part of his life…blah, blah, blah. But this sounds like an invitation to visit hospice care and in some ways it might as well have been.

The date certainly felt like a slow death. To say the two lacked chemistry or conversation would be an understatement. The evening started with a helicopter ride, followed by a row boat or canoe…something that floats along the river, then a fireside dinner. Sorry if I sound disinterested, but the only thing they could come up with to talk about was how damn pretty the surroundings were. And they were. Park City is absolutely postcard gorgeous. But you’re not proposing to Utah.

To be fair, Rachel is a very attractive girl so its easy to see why Ben would look for any reason to keep her around but sometimes you just have to put Old Yeller down! Too far?

That said, Ben does express that he has some concerns about her ability to open up (aka have a personality) and Rachel says it’s been a problem in the past but assures Ben she is really into him. Isn’t that sweet…and somehow, it works. Ben deems their love ‘like a slow burn’ and finds her ‘mellow and easy going’ demeanor enough reason to give her a rose, making her safe until next week.

The group date. Ben shows up like John Wayne on a horse and then informs the girls the date is fly fishing- complete with waders, hooks, and whatever the hell else you need to fly fish. The women of course all put on their best fake smiles and feign excitement. I mean who wants to be knee deep in lake scum on a date.

Courtney begins the day by pouting about having to go on her first ‘group date’ making her the usual fan favorite among the ladies. But she quickly changes her attitude from negative to sinister and decides she’s not worried about all of the other girls, well except Kaci B who she thinks is mildly cute yet annoying. She decides to turn the date into a one on one by taking Ben upstream and manages to catch a fish- much to the annoyance of everyone, especially Lindzi who had hoped Courtney would be a fish out of water and she could rock her natural side.

Then came what I like to call the “What the [email protected]#k date”, simply because all I could think was WTF. Ben takes Jennifer on a hike that leads up to a creepy and rusty looking fence with a ‘No Trespassing’ sign and a huge hole in the middle. And by hole, I mean crater. He then tells Jennifer the two are going to repel into the crater… that’s right, hang by a string and then detach dropping into the waters below. Ben uses the same ‘conquering our fears will make us stronger’ line he used on Emily back on the Bay Bridge climb and before we know it, the two are swimming around enjoying the solitude of the cavern below. Is it me, or does this date sound pretty horrible? Not to my surprise, Jennifer evokes Amy Adams a la Enchanted with her fairy tale love of all things Ben. The two then go to a concert for country singer Clay Walker. I have to admit though Jennifer is growing on me a bit and I felt the two made a deeper connection this date. Guess next time I need to know where I stand with I guy I’ll just hike him up to the nearest crater and toss him in. Sink or swim!

Back at the house pre-ceremony, Samantha decides to use her brief one on one moment to playfully question Ben about why he keeps wasting her time on group dates and doesn’t take her on a real one on one. Ben doesn’t take the jab playfully though and finds her disrespect for the time she has had with him a source of frustration. In fact, he tells Samantha he doesn’t think she is serious about being here or mature enough for the type of relationship he is looking for and sends her packing, literally.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Although I’d agree that she hasn’t had much time to form a bond with him, the two didn’t seem to have much onscreen chemistry worth showcasing. Either way, I don’t think a rose was in her future.

The ceremony sees the exit of Monica who I actually grew to like over the last few episodes. She was fun, ballsy, yet compassionate and even a mother hen to some of the girls in the house. But in the end, I don’t think she was the right match for Ben. Clearly, neither did he.

And the list gets shorter.