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May 31, 2013


Photo Credit, Dirt Junio

Poland’s Decapitated played a sold out show with Lamb of God and Anciients at the Grove of Anaheim recently. PPLA caught up with guitarist/ composer and only remaining original band member Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka and drummer Pawel Jaroszewicz before the show.

PPLA: You’re on tour with Lamb of God right now, how’s it been going so far?

Vogg: this tour is going very, very well. You know it’s only three bands on this tour, Lamb of God, Decapitated and Anciients these guys from Vancouver. We have such a great time every night, there’s many people. It’s great promotion to us and we are very, very happy to be here, you know, it’s a kick ass tour.

Pawel: Also the shows are pretty much sold out too.

Vogg: Yeah the audience is crazy here, we love it.

PPLA: Awesome, when was the last time you were in the States?

Vogg: Last year, in May. We were touring with Meshuggah.

PPLA: What do you think is the main difference between touring the States versus playing in Europe?

Pawel: You know what, Europe is, you get different habits, the people are used to different things. It’s kind of hard to compare.

Vogg: It’s different people, different mentality. I mean, I like both, I love both. I love to play in Europe and the same in the U.S. It’s just different.

PPLA: What is it like in Poland in terms of metal, is there a specific scene?

Vogg: Yeah, we have a bunch of nice bands, Behemoth, Hate, a bunch of nice bands.

Pawel: There’s quite some bands, I mean there’s like four or five bands that are touring the world, but there’s a lot more bands than that.

PPLA: So your last release, Carnival is Forever, was about two years ago, can we expect anything new any time soon?

Vogg: Oh yeah, after this tour we are going to concentrate finally to do some new riffs, new songs. We have just a little bit of ideas you know, a bunch of riffs. It’s all about finding the time for doing it because when you are on tour it is not possible to do anything like that. Also after this tour we have like four months to prepare new stuff and then we have another tour in Europe with Children of Bodom and then January we will record.

PPLA: Do you guys do anything else when you’re not touring, do you have side projects and things going on or are you solely focused on Decapitated right now?

Vogg: I mean I don’t have side projects because all my time I spend on the band, it’s like 24 hours, all the time, thinking about the band and stuff like that. I just spend time with my family when I’m at home.

PPLA: your band is considered to be in the technical death metal sort of genre, is that the type of music you mostly listen to at home, or do you listen to everything?

Vogg: No, I don’t like when people give us this sticker like ‘technical death metal’ you know. I don’t know technique is just technique, it’s the thing that you need to release yourself you know.

Pawel: Yeah it’s a tool.

Vogg: I mean, I don’t know what type of music we play. We play metal, we play heavy music. We use guitars, we use drums, we use vocals.

Pawel: We listen to all the classic stuff but we try to broaden our horizons

We look forward to hearing their next album in the near future!