Aug 29, 2013


Photo Credit, BACTrack

Earlier this summer, Press Pass LA attended a mixer at The Churchill in West Hollywood for the launch of  BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer, the very FIRST alcohol-monitoring device to combine fuel cell sensor technology, Bluetooth connectivity and app-enabled features on your smartphone. In other words, your own personal breathalyzer hooked to your phone!  Take note, Hollywood celebs!

Living in La-la land, we are all too familiar with the celebrity mug shot. Just a quick Google search or a jump over to TMZlists more than 50 stars who have suffered the shame of a public DUI. In a city where mass-transit isn’t exactly the easiest mode of transportation and the nightlife is spread as far and wide as Downtown L.A. to Santa Monica, what’s an average Joe (let alone a celebrity with the means to hire a driver) to do?

Sure, there is always a cab or the even less appealing designated driver option. There are even car service or ride sharing options like Uber or Lyft if you don’t mind being driven around in a car with a giant pink mustache on the front! But BAC gives drivers who care about safety another option.

Founded in 2001, BACtrack pioneered the consumer market for alcohol breath testers by making beathalyzers as affordable and consumer friendly as possible. Not only where they the first company to receive the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s marketing clearance to sell to consumers for personal use, they are used widely by law enforcement, military, businesses, schools, hospitals, and clinics. And now, they can be used by you!

We got our hands on the new BACtrack Mobile (retailing for $149.99) which not only gives you accurate results (up to three decimal points) it also allows you to view your results over time from last night to last month to help you track your drinking habits. It has a Zeroline function which allows you to estimate when your BAC will return to 0.000% (a.k.a how long you have to wait before you can go home!). It even has the ability to associate pictures, locations, drinks, and notes into your results so it is totally customized to you! You can choose to keep your results private or make them public and share via text or social network.

The safest way to travel is always to never drink and drive! But in a city of business drinks, networking mixers, and A-list events, we realize that the average person might want to order the “Thirsty in LA” off The Churchill’s cocktail menu and still plan to drive home later that evening.

If you don’t want to end up looking like Lindsay Lohan’s mug shot, we suggest checking out BACTrack, before getting behind the wheel this Labor Day weekend!