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Apr 4, 2018

Band Spotlight: Glass Mansions

Journeying all the way from South Carolina, Glass Mansions is here to introduce their Alt-pop sound and debut tracks from their 2018 EP “Ritual”.

Glass Mansions is led by the sultry voice of Jayna Doyle, coupled with the complimentary back up sounds of multi-instrumentalist Blake Arambula. They are influenced by modern and 90s pop, heavy synths and tight, dance-friendly rhythms.

Their music is propulsive and elastic, with bubbly pop-melodies, lush electronic beds of sound and intelligent, intimate lyrics, creating a memorable sound. The band has 10+ tours under their belt, multiple appearances at festivals like SXSW, Warped Tour and Florida Music Festival, as well as a Daytrotter session. Their 2018 release of ‘Just Friends’ has been a hit for the band. Jayna and Blake have always been the core writers of the group despite whatever iteration of Glass Mansions they were currently indulging, before we came to enjoy this glorious final product. Viewers can hear the satisfaction in their sound which comes together perfectly in performances.


For their latest EP “Ritual” they detail that “no fucks are given,” in the way they just let loose and really become one with the music. This album feels dear to the band’s heart because they are back to the two of them and finally have a chance to play with their paired ambiance. They intend for listeners to get every bit of their essence as they venture to uncharted territory.



Kevin Milton