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Jul 8, 2019

Be Glammed Merges with Priv to bring the Red Carpet Celebrity Treatment to your doorstep.

Priv and beGlammed, technology front-runners in the on-demand
beauty services industry, announced a business merger that was completed earlier this month. With this duo leading up beauty in the app world, you can rest assured your red-carpet in home treatment will be top-notch.

After BeGlammed and Priv gained market leadership in the beauty category, both app-centered businesses will expand their national footprint while also finding efficiencies that will ultimately benefit consumers and beauty service providers alike.

Translation? Everything celebrities have access to like personal trainers, hair stylists, nail techs, masseuses, and more will be on demand for you. You can attend your big event red carpet ready just like your favorite celebs do. not only that, alot of the staff who work with the app are favorite artists of your favorite celebs. Who knows your nail tech could also do Lena Waithe’s manicures, while your favorite hair guru might have been styling Kate Hudson’s locks for a minute. Peek behind Hollywood’s glam curtain, and treat yourself to all the latest looks, workout trends, and beauty treatments Hollywood has been hoarding for decades.

To search for the new merger on the app store just type Priv. Rest assured beGlammed and Priv have merged and will be found easily under Priv, no new name nonsense for your go-to beauty app. The merger will service 32 cities now with access to over 30,000 top-notch beauty professionals!