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Jan 14, 2016


Press Pass LA went behind the scenes with the cast of “Band of Robbers,” a modern day retelling of Mark Twain’s iconic books. Our host Ryan Hooks sat down with Aaron Nee (Writer-Director), Adam Nee (Tom Sawyer) and Matthew Gray Gubler (Joe Harper) to find out all about the making of the film.

BandofRobbers“Band of Robbers” is a comedic adventure that reimagines the classic characters as grown men and small time crooks. When Huck Finn (Kyle Gallner) is released from prison, he hopes to leave his criminal record behind, but his lifelong friend and corrupt cop, Tom Sawyer (Adam Nee), has other plans. Not ready to give up on his childhood fantasies, Tom forms the Band of Robbers, recruiting their misfit friends Joe Harper (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Ben Rogers (Hannibal Buress) to join them for an elaborate plan to find a fabled treasure. But the plan soon unravels, thrusting the guys on a wild journey with dangerous consequences.

Find out what the cast had to say about the making of this film!

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In theaters and on demand January 15th.  Watch the trailer.