Apr 5, 2012


What happens when your college bestie marries a man she barely knows and her sacred union falls to shambles after several rounds of infidelity at just the same time as you finally meet the perfect guy who just moved in? Do you let your BFF crash with you and potential Mr. Right until she gets back on her feet? Well, if you star in NBC’s newest half hour sitcom…Damn right you do!

That’s pretty much the premise of the new show, Best Friends Forever, by creators Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham (also the lead actresses whose characters are aptly name after them-Jessica Black & Lennon Walker). Lennon’s recently live-in boyfriend Joe is played by Luka Jones who gives the audience the feeling that they’ve seen him somewhere before… but you most likely haven’t (aside from an appearance in one episode of How I Met Your Mother). Perhaps, it’s his all -American guy demeanor but whatever it is, he stole the scenes for me and he’s sure to be known from here on out. A second male character, Rav (played by the equally unknown Stephen Schneider) makes his way into the mix as the third college roommate of Jessica & Lennon. His relationship with Lennon is strong and he approves of Joe, but he and Jessica had a falling out after he made his disapproval of her husband known by punching him in the face years ago.

The episode opens with a Skype call between the two besties who live on opposite sides of the country. Jessica is discussing her plans to get waxed in order to impress/entice her husband who is returning from business. In seems her lady parts weren’t the only rough patch she needed to be concerned with, because within minutes she opens the door to the delivery of her divorce papers. Lennon is booking her plane ticket before you can say Three’s Company and the girls are quickly reunited. Joe plays doting boyfriend and tries to be supportive, even sticking his two cents where it doesn’t belong until his sympathy runs dry when Jessica begins to steal his lady and his apartment (aka deflating his favorite blow up chair, rearranging his office as her bedroom, and changing the menu for ‘Lazy Sunday’).

Having lost her husband, Jessica can’t afford to lose her best friend to this ‘new guy’ and is in full cling mode! She pushes things a bit too far when she snoops through Joe’s things and comes across a tacky ring she fears is indicative of a looming proposal. Meanwhile, Joe gets some advise from the local butcher to stand up for his relationship or end up like said butcher (who’s sister-in-law came for a few days during rough times years ago and never left!). Things come to a head during dinner with friends on Lazy Sunday, but once Jessica realizes the rift she is creating, the trio ‘hug it out’ and all ends well. Of course, until next week’s episode!

The show was genuinely funny and the characters are relatable and well-developed for only a half hour and the premiere episode. That said, some of the bestie behavior was a bit over the top and shticky for me but I am sure the gals will find their groove, as will the third wheel (whoever that turns out to be!)  I did like the fact that the comedy surrounded a group of thirty-somethings who don’t quite have it all figured out yet. With so many sitcoms focusing on dating in your twenties or married couples and family in their third decade, it was nice to enter a show that felt familiar and truthful to the current generation.

Am I ready to share a broken heart necklace with this show & claim it as my BFF…not yet. But will we hang out again? Most likely.