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Jul 27, 2018

The Best Immersive Experiences at SDCC 2018

Every year one of the best things about SDCC is how creative brands and company’s are. They curate worlds which help you dive into your favorite services, movies, comics, and more. 

This year our top three events are: The DCEU experience, Ready Player One, and Amazon. Check out some of our favorite pictures from these events below:

The DCEU experience was THE place to be. They created a walkable world where you could walk through your favorite moments in comic history with what their creative team called “Living Comics”. With previews of the brand new DCEU app coming later this year, you could marvel at the content while testing your escape skills with Dick Grayson’s escape room. Or maybe you needed to blow off some steam, that was ok too…after all the DC team built Harley’s rage room, which was pretty epic. Our personal favorite was the ‘Court of Owls’ maze with creatures and moments straight out of the comics itself. You can check out our adventures HERE. 



If you live in Hollywood but missed The Ready Player One experience, SDCC was the place to catch a new curation of the hit film. On one side you could experience the Oasis, and the other was an Escape room. The team did a wonderful job creating rooms which took you through the Oasis, and our personal favorite was the gaming den they created. You walked into fun retro discs hanging from the ceiling and endless games spread out throughout the area. But the best part? All the games were free and you could rock your gamer skills on some truly retro throwbacks. Finally the last room was a mirrored maze which made for some truly epic selfie moments. After all, if you didn’t take a picture it didn’t happen right?!




One of our favorite experiences was Amazon fire’s curated launch. We’ve all been missing Game of Thrones so sitting in the iron throne as if you’re the ultimate spoiler was a blast. But more than that you were able to check out their partnership with Dolby Atmos as you walked through interactive tv displayed of just some of the incredible content available at Amazon.Our favorite? Hands down, the swing for The Good Place. These were some of our favorite take aways from the event. You can also check out our Amazon moment HERE.



We can’t wait to see what the brands curate next year.