Award Shows
Nov 11, 2019

Best Moments of 2019 People’s Choice Awards

The People’s choice Awards took place this past Sunday, here is a look at our favorite moments.

Kevin Hart accepted his award, and brought home how as entertainers the fans who stand by creator’s are the greatest gift. How grateful he is to be standing and to be there after his ordeal earlier this year. This is also Kevin’s first professional public appearance since his crash. One of the best speeches of the night to be sure.

We’re all kinds of obsessed with Gwen Stefani head to toe. She looks phenomenal and her speech was sweet for her icon award.

Pink gave the most incredible speech of the entire evening. “The People’s Champion” was indeed the people’s champion, as she stressed she cares about getting involved. Live a life that matters by getting involved. “Tell me one person, can’t make a difference” she says. “I dont care about your politics, I care about your kids.” “Kindness today is an act of rebellion”. It really is pink. Give her speech a listen, be empowered, and change your little corner of the world.

Zendaya gave a beautiful speech for her “Euphoria” win. What her character has meant to her, and how it’s changed her.

Let us know what your favorite speeches were, did we pick your favorite to share? Let us know your thoughts below.

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