Aug 27, 2019

Best Moments of MTV’s VMAs

MTV’s VMA’s are synonymous with shock and awe. Rembmer Miley’s swing through on her wrecking ball? Or throw it back to Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera’s three way kiss? Yeah MTV ups the ante.

Okay, we all know people do go win awards at the VMA’s but lets be honest, we all tune in to see what drama the music industry as planned for us. Kanye didn’t take anyones moment on stage this year, but we still lived for these moments. Let us know what your favorites were. Oh, and congratulations to Missy Misdemeanor Elliott for taking home the prestigious Vangaurd Award. you can find the full list of winners on MTV.Com

Missy recently released a new album and dropped an epic performance at the VMA’s. She even brought back Alyson Stoner for the performance. Missy came to the 2019 VMA’s to remind every one of us why she is forevermore the Queen of the beats. She also took the time to thank the dancers who are not in the shadows but the crowning glory of her performances. Bless you Missy. We stan you forever!

Then There was Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes so set out to tease us all the way up to the edge. WHERE WAS OUR KISS!? Justice is dead ladies and gentlemen. The audience reactions from Sophie Turner and the rest of the celebs in attendence are where the real action took place. Can’t deny what a steamy performance this was.

Lizzo snagged the stage to remind us we don’t deserve her, and our self esteem needs to be at 250% at all times. Did you know she worked with Prince before his passing? Of course she did.

Miley Cyrus, turned up just like we love her…. dramatic and with a new tattoo. We’ll let you listen to her song. Tell us what you think of the choice in the limelight of her recent divorce from Liam Hemsworth.

Let us know what your favorite moments were. We’re all ears. Thank you VMA’s for another juicy year of musical dramatics… oh and did we mention Taylor Swift dropped the F-Bomb? Because Taylor definitely dropped the FBomb. Times are changing, hold on for the ride.