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May 9, 2013


For as long as I can remember I have collected a piece of jewelry from every place that I have visited. A souvenir, a fashion statement, a memory of where I have been and who I am. It was not until I was introduced to author-designer Beth Bernstein and her book My Charmed Life, did I realize just how much this small tradition resonates. I attended her event which included a book reading and jewelry showing of Beth’s line State of Grace at Roseark in West Hollywood.

Beth’s book My Charmed Life, tells the story of her life and connects her past and her present through the jewelry (and in turn life lessons) she inherited, purchased for herself, and received as gifts. The book was inspired by the passing of her best friend, her mother, who she describes as “the woman who taught me how to love, overcome obstacles, and how to accessorize.”  The event gave attendees the opportunity to hear Beth’s tale in her own words and browse the gorgeous jewelry in her State of Grace line.

Beth told Press Pass LA, “I think that a women’s jewelry really expresses who she is. It should tell the story of a women’s life and it doesn’t have to be conventional either, because my life is totally unconventional! But it should tell something about you. It’s really who you are. There is a women here tonight wearing a bracelet full of charms that she has collected throughout her life and each one has meaning to her. I think my collection really has that too. It’s made of all vintage pieces and they each have a story to tell because they each have their own history. This way every piece has a past, a present, and a future.”

This event is the first of many scheduled for the author and jewelry designer who will be in unveiling her new collectionEstate of Grace for the first time at Jamie Geller in Pacific Palisades, just in time for Mother’s Day. The collection is comprised of  authentic antique jewelry, refashioned into pendants, rings and bracelets with modern touches of diamond beads and bezels.

Just as her original collection, all her jewelry has a unique story to tell.

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